Kadets Embrace a Coffee Habit


Sophomore Deanna Ponce’s favorite coffee cup in front of a flower and decorated wall.

Before coronavirus, Kadets would run to Kadet coffee. While Kadet Coffee is not open due to changes required from the pandemic, something that has remained constant is Kadets’ love of coffee.

Waking up early in the morning to either get on the computer or go to school isn’t exactly easy, especially now at home when there is a soft, comfortable bed a room away, but having a cup of freshly brewed coffee comes in handy. 

 “Coffee gets me out of bed in the morning. I look forward to it so much!” said business/marketing teacher, Aly Johnson.

Although drinking coffee may seem harmful, it actually has some benefits. In an article written by Heathline, touches on how coffee has important nutrients like magnesium and potassium. Also, Healthline mentions that it can lower the risk of conditions, such as type two diabetes and dementia. Drinking several cups a day can have detrimental effects, however.

Chemistry and forensic science teacher Maria Martinez has a great approach to having a healthy intake. 

“I do not drink coffee every day. I only allow myself coffee on Thursday[s] and Sundays. I know me, and I would be addicted,” Martinez adds.  

It’s great to restrain oneself from creating a habit, but there are those days when a boost of energy is needed to keep going throughout the day. 

So, how exactly does coffee do that?

Well, according to Royal Cup, our brains have molecules called adenosine which can cause someone to feel tired. When coffee is consumed, the brain thinks that caffeine is adenosine because the molecules resemble them. The caffeine deflects the feeling of drowsiness. 

What types of coffee do the students and faculty at Air Academy drink on a daily basis?

“My daily coffee drink is cold brew coffee with a small amount of cream, but if it’s a special occasion, I will get a vanilla latte,” Johnson said.

“I like a lot of types of coffee. Anything with cream,” said sophomore Daniel Ghoreyshi.

However, for newcomers like Junior Hunter Johnson, it’s tricky to find your way through the coffee realm with so many different options to choose from.

“I just started drinking coffee and so far my favorite coffee is probably a regular vanilla latte from Starbucks. It’s really hard because there are certain types of coffee that have a lot of caffeine and then there are other types that have little to no caffeine, they’re only there to taste good,” Hunter Johnson continues. 

Everybody has different taste buds. Drinks that seem horrible to one might taste great to another. Newbie or not, if there is a Starbucks, Dutch Bros, or any other coffee place nearby, join the crowd and try a vanilla latte. It might be a new favorite.