A Trip Down Memory Lane (The 2019-20 School Year)


Several sophomores get ready to go to homecoming.

At the beginning of each year, students chat and laugh in the hallway, bragging about their summers and the adventures they took.

As the clocks strike 7:45, everybody rushes to class hoping to make it the best year. All the seniors are ready for their last year, looking forward to senior prom, graduation and the end of their high school career, but an unexpected event occurred in the end of the year that put the world (and school) on hold.

Instead of looking at the bad side of the school year being stopped because of this pandemic virus, students decided to look at the good side of things and what memories they brought to each student.

Sophomore Jonah McCown said, “Every football game was so much fun to go to and supporting the Kadets was the best part. The games that were held at the school were a big hit and supporting the Kadets was a key ingredient. Also, it was fun dressing up for the school to show others the love and support to our school and the students playing on the fields.”

Some students think that just being in school, experiencing the life as a high school student, what you experience and the people you meet is the best memory we can have.

Sophomore Corey Hafer said, “Experiencing new things with my friends and finding my crowd [was the best part].”

Sophomore Bethanee Heeney kept it simple, noting that she liked “Just hanging out with friends at lunch.”

A lot of students like to get down and boogie a little bit. Dancing lets people have fun and Kadets host dances students enjoy.

“Homecoming was a lot of fun because me and my friends go to dance the night away,” Heeney said.

Clearly, memories made this year will forever be remembered.