I Like How You Did Your Hair; It’s Growing on Me

Do students’ hairstyles mean anything?

Is there any importance to the curls and colors of Kadets at Air Academy, Colorado, the country, or continent?

Students at Air Academy don many different styles and hues of hair, from red streaks and long hair to black curls and blonde fades. Why do Kadets choose all these various hairstyles and do they mean anything special?

“The reason I dye my hair is the same reason why anyone would wear makeup or dress in a certain way. I like the way having dyed hair looks and it makes me feel confident,” said senior Hannah Quinn. Quinn’s brown hair has purple and blue streaks with a unique style taking a shape of its own; “I definitely think it’s a defining feature of mine to have wild hair. I have good and bad hair days but overall I do like my hair.”

Quinn doesn’t just focus on her own hair, however: “I like that people have the freedoms to experiment with different styles and colors and that it reflects their personality,” said Quinn.

As for styling hair, both girls and guys have their own reasons to show and grow.

“I had long hair because I want to have as much as I can before I go bald… and I think it looks better,” said sophomore Eddie Harley. Harley takes pride in his hair. His long, wavy blonde hair is a defining feature on this sophomore student’s head. Harley appreciates other student’s hair as well. Harley specifically notices “color and length” of other Kadets’ luscious locks.

According to belgraviacentre.com, hair has represented status, beauty, and even religious faith within different cultures around the world. For certain religions, having a certain cut or lack of hair could represent your title within that religion. Especially in modern times, hair has been a focus on beauty. Just take current stars such as Zazie Beetz, Timothée Chalamet, and past celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and John Lennon.

Actor Timothee Chalamet sports some fly hair. Photo labeled for reuse by Wikimedia.

Hollywood, in particular, is obsessed with the colors and curls on top of actors and actresses’ heads.

For anyone who pays attention to the Oscars or movies in general, the award-winning short film Hair Love brings up culture, family, and power that comes from styling hair. The film explores a young girl and her father’s struggle to style her hair the way her mother once. In just 7 minutes the animated short manages to capture viewer’s hearts tell a sweet story that will leave you gushing.

So for Air Academy students and the world around us, many people believe there is power in hair. Kadets wear their hair with pride and style, defining themselves and designing themselves.

For ages and ages, people have been utilizing their heads to send a message and Air Academy is no different. So next time that a Kadet is strutting around with a unique hairstyle, why not say, “I like your new haircut; it’s knot a bad look”?