The Nightmare Before Monday: Students Share Crazy School Dreams


Junior Kitty Id dreams about Air Academy, monsters and angry teachers.

Dreams are the very basis of our subconscious embodying the mind’s fantasies, fears and thoughts. According to Psychology Today, millions of people all over the world have reoccurring dreams about school pre- and post-graduation. Of all the dreams pertaining to school, 73 percent are about high school in particular and the rest of the 27 percent experience dreams about middle school, elementary school or college.

Students spend 75 percent of our daily life inside of a school, and outside of school, homework and after-school activities are always 0n our minds. Whatever the reason, the weird, the wacky and the wonderful dreams of AAHS seem to make the nightmares of school a little brighter for the Kadets.

Whether it is right here at AAHS or a couple of schools in our neighboring state Utah, here are some nightmares about school that haunt students, teachers, and graduates.

AAHS sophomore Joy Kemp:

“I once had a dream about the French teacher Mme Chabot. I was in French class and for some reason, she wanted to find a pair of leggings. After a long time of looking she was frustrated that she couldn’t find one that she liked. She had tried on a bright lime green one and a salmon color and like a teal color too. I think in the end she ended up getting the salmon and teal one. I don’t really know why had this dream but it was really crazy.”

Utah Valley University freshman Nicole Dalton

“I had this dream during my senior year of high school and I still remember it because it was so strange. In the dream, I was at school after hours with a friend working on a project. We were sitting in the library when the roof caved in and I got a cut on my arm from the metal that fell from the roof, so I decided to go and find medicine to help me. I found the medicine and took it, then monsters started to chase my friend and me throughout the school. The medicine was making it hard to run so my friend had to drag me through the hallway. Finally, we found a pool and we jumped in to get away from the monsters. Then, the monsters jumped in with us and somehow became our friends. After we got out of the pool we went to the vending machine and got Doritos. Oh and I don’t think I ever finished the project.”

Nicole Dalton portrays her deranged dream through a drawing.

Kitty Id Junior at Air Academy: 

I was in my old history teacher’s classroom and he gave us the assignment to work on. I started to do the assignment when I forgot how to work on it and there were no words on the paper either.  The instructions were like pictures instead of words and I was just really confused and couldn’t understand the pictures. I had no idea what I was supposed to do so I just started freaking out; I asked the teacher what I was supposed to do and he wouldn’t tell me what the directions were and just kept yelling at me to do it or I would get an F.

Wasatch Elementary School Literary Coach Tiffani Fredrick:

“Once I had this dream; I was in fifth grade again and I knew I was 23 years old and didn’t need to be there, but I tried to tell my teacher and he would just yell at me. I told him that I needed to leave and that I wasn’t ten years old. Then, I tried to call my mom on my phone and he took my phone away and told me I had to stay. I then started to color a picture and before I finished my drawing, I woke up.” 

Tiffani Frederick holds up a picture of her dream.

AAHS French Teacher Natalie Chabot:

“I had this dream right before my second year of teaching and it was towards the end of summer. In the dream, I was at school for one of the teacher workdays without the students. All of a sudden, students just started to show up. I wasn’t prepared so I started to run around and try to print things out but none of the printers were working. I would go to one printer and it wouldn’t work so I would run to another one and it wouldn’t work and I had to leave my classes unattended and it was just really stressful.”

All of these dreams are definitely a testament to the effects of school and the anxieties of students and teachers, even when school is no longer a part of their daily life. However, school is not always as bad as we dream it up to be. It’s necessary for making students capable and allowing them to grow in many aspects of their lives. It provides many things that influence lives for the better, including education, a place to grow socially and a lesson in combating stress and creating a work ethic.

High school is a definite nightmare in many students’ dreams. The insane things our minds come up with can be a bit weird, frightening and crazy but that’s what makes them interesting to listen to. Let’s just hope no one actually comes to school in their underwear.