Inspiring Volunteer Opportunities in Colorado

Volunteering can lead to a great bond within a community. (Labled for use by

Volunteering can lead to a great bond within a community. (Labled for use by

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As students eagerly wait for summer, there are many opportunities within organizations that dedicate their time and hard work to help the community of Colorado Springs. These organizations give volunteering opportunities for teenagers to learn, protect, and grow as a person.

In Colorado Springs, there is a wide variety of volunteering experiences that range from helping wildlife to assisting the people in need. People with strong opinions on what should be done to improve the society, work suggestions, or ideas for leisure, should consider joining one of the commissions, committees, or boards that are run through the city and state.

Those who have a passion for protecting the wildlife may take pleasure in volunteering for organizations that work through the public Parks, such as the Recreation and Cultural Services organization whose job is to protect wildlife and keep Colorado’s parks and trails clear of trash and debris.

An organization that exists not only in Colorado Springs but many different communities also aim to ensure that no family or person goes hungry. Care and Share’s story founded by Sister Dominique Pisciotta in 1972 sparked a start when Pisciotta noticed that her own neighbor was struggling with hunger. Therefore, Care and Share began in volunteer’s basements and a garage, but the organization has since grown into multiple centers throughout Colorado Springs.

Those who decide to volunteer at Care and Share can sign up on the organization’s webpage and attend various meetings every month. The meetings help members develop creative, new ways to help provide food for the families and people of Colorado Springs. Anyone can join with the inspiration to lend a hand in making sure no person or family goes without the necessary daily nutrition.

More than 400 volunteers from Peterson sorted packages for the Harvest of Love food drive at Care and Share. (Labeled for reuse by Air Force Space Command.)

There are also many organizations that focus on helping animals  Those who have an inclination to care for and aid animals will find various organizations, such as the 9 Lives Rescue.

The 9 Lives Rescue Organization’s mission is to rescue animals who are in need, by fostering them until a suitable home is found for them. Their mission also extends into teaching the community about the importance of spaying and neutering animals. The 9 Lives Rescue are also available to give medical care to animals that have poor health. They are a no-kill shelter and look only in the best interests of the animals.

The 9 Lives Rescue is currently looking for more compassionate and hardworking volunteers in Colorado Springs, especially ones who will be able to help at adoption fairs. They are also specifically looking volunteers to watch over cats and provide transportation. Having an open heart and welcoming hands will make a dedicated volunteer for this organization.

Adoption helps find homes for rescued animals. (Labled for reuse by

In Colorado Springs there are great volunteering opportunities that help connect people of all ages. Teenagers are able to work with younger children to help them gain confidence in themselves and their education. There many libraries in Colorado Springs that offer teenagers to volunteer and help children grow and succeed in literature.

The Children’s Literacy Center, allows teenagers to tutor children who are struggling and to encourage families not to worry as the tutoring program is no cost. Volunteers will go through series of training to ensure the best experience for children and their families.

Volunteers who are kind, patient, and understanding, will be able to allow for children to learn through different activities. Volunteers will be able to use reading stories, playing word games, and unlocking the meaning of words to teach children skills that will help them succeed through the following years to come.

Volunteering to help children learn is a rewarding experience. (Labled for reuse by

In the city of Colorado Springs, teenagers and adults have various opportunities to volunteer for special and influential programs. When volunteering for any organization, people can be changed in a positive way and learn how to provide hope to the community. Volunteering creates a unique bond between people and their community.