Here’s How Kadets Study


Jaxon Mawhiney, a junior, studies hard during his partial.

Studying is a vital part to succeeding in any class. With finals and AP exams coming up, there is more pressure on students to study now than there has been all year.

With all of the tools that the internet provides for us today there are countless ways to study and prep for tests. Popular sites like Quizlet even make studying “fun” (as fun as can be expected, at least).

How do AAHS students study?

Is the student body made up of last minute crammers and procrastinators, or do we have dedicated “study-ers” that put in hour after hour before finals and tests?

Many students admit to cramming right before a big test, or don’t even study at all.

“I just don’t study, I hope for the best,” said one anonymous junior.

Teacher generated study guides are extremely helpful and many students site them as one of the best ways to study for big tests and quizzes.

“I use study guides that the teachers hand out, ” said junior Chris Kyle. “They are usually pretty useful and are close to what the tests are, other than that I don’t do much else to study except for a Quizlet every once and a while.”

Along with study guides, taking good notes is also a great way to study and prep for tests.

“All I use is notes, if you take great notes you have a really good platform to study off of,” said junior Josh Johnston. “I highly recommend taking good notes.”

“I usually just try and take really good notes,” said junior Aaron Trippel. “Having detailed notes to look back on really helps me when I have a study guide or something like that.”

Youth Central has a list put together with ten helpful tips to make studying more effective and impactful for students. Some things to keep in mind when choosing how you want to study are actions like picking a distraction-free environment, and trying to study or review content every day.