Staff Superlatives

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Staff Superlatives

The non-senior Jetstream Staff poses for a personality pic on the famous office stairs.

The non-senior Jetstream Staff poses for a personality pic on the famous office stairs.

The non-senior Jetstream Staff poses for a personality pic on the famous office stairs.

The non-senior Jetstream Staff poses for a personality pic on the famous office stairs.

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If I had to describe this year’s Jetstream Journal staff in one word, as simply as possible, I would choose the word “fun.”

I would also love to choose the words bright, energetic, insightful, passionate, spirited, adaptable, intelligent and hilarious, but the basic word “fun” collectively represents our group as a whole.

Readers of the Jetstream Journal have seen polished, developed and original articles twice a month this school year. However, they have not seen what really goes on in the office.

They have not seen the intense debates over relevant social issues and politics. They have not seen the pancakes, each one fluffier than the last, tossed onto coffee filter-plates and hidden by mounds of whipped cream. They have not seen the teamwork, the brainstorming, the deadlines, or the way the staff pushes all the tables together to sit as a collective and close-knit group.

Most importantly, though, they have not seen Susan, the class-mascot hedgehog.

As this school year comes to a close, the senior journalists, including myself, must leave. I can wholeheartedly say that what I will miss most about the Jetstream Journal is not the writing or the website itself. What I’ll miss most about this publication is the way that it has formed connections and brought people, who would have not met otherwise, together as a family. 

So, as a goodbye, the seniors and I have gotten together to vote on staff superlatives. These titles embody the individual and special characteristics of each dedicated Jetstream staff member.

Most Likely to Prove Someone Wrong: Rose

Witty and versed in meme-culture, Rose has shown her intelligence in both her eloquent writing and in conversation. Debates with Rose are a dangerous undertaking, as she will always argue fairly and maturely, proving anyone wrong at anytime.

Most Likely to be a Communist: Peter

Also voted “Best Laugh” in the office, Peter brings unique humor and enlightening cultural insight to the Jetstream. This semester, he wrote a humor article profiling Kimberly Madden as a communist. But, was this article inspired by his keen sense of humor, or a cover up of his own political beliefs…? This kind of playful joking and banter is what makes Peter a lively addition to the Jetstream staff.

Most Likely to be the Coolest Guy in the Room: Jonnie

Because of his superior style and nonchalant attitude, Jonnie was easily voted the coolest guy in the office. But don’t be fooled by his chill disposition, his writing style is polished and intellectual.

Most Likely to be a Super Cool Aunt: Kailey

From reading tarot cards, to keeping a bullet journal, and even to rocking some really sick pink hair, Kailey is the super cool aunt that everyone wishes they had. Kailey is easy to get along with and always introduces the staff to new ideas that they might not have known about otherwise.

Most Likely to have an Incredible Instagram Feed: Elina

Also voted “Style Queen”, Elina brings an artsy presence to the Jetstream staff. Every article she writes is accompanied by an aesthetically pleasing picture, much like her superior Instagram feed.

Most Likely to Think her Article Sucks After Writing the Best Article in Jetstream History: Olivia

Though Olivia lies low most of the time, she consistently cranks out entertaining, cohesive, and complete stories every issue. When writing about her views on everything from politics to Youtube, Olivia downplays her extraordinary articles. Not to mention that she wrote the most viewed article of last semester.

Most Likely to be the Nicest Person in the State of Colorado: Summer 

Shy and sweet, Summer brings a gentle and kind spirit to the Jetstream staff. Summer is someone who could never hurt a fly, but can definitely chase after a story lead. She strives to work with editors and advisors to be the best she can be, while taking feedback graciously.

Most Likely to Capture the Essence of Air Academy’s Student Body: Casey

Casey, the “Interview Queen”, is relatable and easy to get along with, so it’s fitting that she consistently writes human interest stories that capture the Kadet spirit. Casey goes out of her way to investigate the most unique and surprising quirks of students, such as what they carry in their backpacks or the meanings behind their tattoos.

Most Likely to Own an Albino Hedgehog Named Susan (and also keep the class lively and laughing): Eli

A huge proponent of the “good things” tradition, Eli keeps the class positive and laughing. His humor brings the staff together as a whole. Eli is also the owner of the class mascot, Susan the hedgehog, and keeps the staff well-informed on her daily activities.

Most Likely to Become President of the United States (I mean seriously this girl is motivated): Mida

From the first day of class this school year, Mida’s motivation and passion for hard work stood out. She took on the role of Marketing Manager starting her first year in the class, and hasn’t given up since. Destined for a life of leadership, Mida shows what it means to believe in all that you do.

This year’s Jetstream Journal staff has set a high standard for future Kadet journalists to look up to. Because of their writing, creativity and compatible yet unique personalities, the 2018-2019 Jetstream staff is undoubtedly one for the books.