Behind The Scenes of Student Council


August 19, 2022 was the annual Color Day Assembly where students played a StuCo game activity.

As a student at Air Academy, events such as assemblies, school dances, or spirit days are always intriguing. There’s always something entertaining going on whether it’s the carefully thought out script that is presented by student council members at assemblies or if it’s planning spirit week. But behind all of those events, is a group of students that put a great deal of time and effort into planning each event.

After speaking to AAHS principal, Mr. Daniel Olson, seniors in StuCo, Kimmie, and Lexi Wurmstein, I took a deep dive into what StuCo goes through to plan events. Kimmie’s official title is senior class vice president, whereas Lexi is student body vice president. 

“We typically go over upcoming senior events and plan out what it is that we need to purchase for that specific event,”  Wurmstein stated.

Giving us an idea of what StuCo feels when planning these events Wurmstein describes it as a meticulous process. 

“For example, we started planning Homecoming at the end of last year, so there’s definitely a ton of work and time that goes into planning events,” Wurmstein expressed.

Keeping that in mind, before being able to present to Mr. Olson the number of decorations or amount of money they would need for the event, they must have all of this put together ahead of time.

“Typically you must draw out a picture of the idea to present to Mr. Olsen,” Wurmstein explained.

Going on along with the time and work you put into planning each event, StuCo has to get a thumbs up from the principal. This is set in place to make sure they do not over exceed their budget, along with ensuring that each event is school appropriate. 

“Take down is also a nightmare because you never know how messy each event will get, but typically we will stay about two hours after to clean up,” Wurmstein expressed. 

In the planning process, StuCo sets up each event’s decorations along with taking them down. This process can be both taxing and stressful depending on how intricate decorations can be along with the mess they clean up later that night.

“They Have different groups that are incharge of various things, such as the speakers of the assembly so Emma and Morgan will come up with their plan and bring it to me. They present different games they plan on playing and we just go over it, sometimes I will make suggestions to help give input in the idea. But typically it’s just more of an okay that sounds good and I approve it,” Mr. Olson explained.

Mr. Olson continued to explain he likes for the students to be able to express their ideas, so he tries to not interfere with their initial idea. He just wants to be involved in what’s happening. Coming up with the term “one and done” as a way to describe how meetings flow.  

“If there are things that I feel need to be changed I will express that to them but typically if there event doesn’t get an okay they go back regroup and will come back and represent to me,” Mr. Olson explained.

With all of this in mind, StuCo goes through many stressful meetings and days of planning to create the wonderful events we get to experience at AAHS. While each event may seem light-hearted and simple there is an extensive list that was put into planning those events.