What’s Going On With The Girl’s Tennis Team?


Air Academy Girls Allison Reeder (left), and Toni Troje(right). Celebrating after winning the final point against Holy Family!!

The girl’s tennis team has had a shocking turn of events at their matches. The girl’s tennis team at Air Academy girls have had a winning streak recently in their spring season. Not only that but a lot of girls are looking forward to the season’s matches set up and the team bonding atmosphere. Some girls are even saying they have the chance to make it to the 4a championship if they all really push themselves this year. 


“ I’ve been playing tennis since I was little. Especially being a freshman joining the AAHS tennis team and seeing how the atmosphere is and how they interact with each other it makes me really motivated to stay on the team,” freshman Tavia Kiser said. 


The captains and coaches of AAHS girls tennis really try to make the environment fun and inviting for girls even if they have never played before. Not only does the team want to go far in their matches, but also tries to make the sport interesting for more girls to come out and try. 


“ I heard one of my friends talking about how fun the environment is on the tennis team. Since I was already trying to figure out a sport that wouldn’t be too much running I decided on tennis. Let me say it was the best decision ever. Now I have so many more friends in sports plus it’s a great workout!” junior Ellie Lark said. 


Not only is the AAHS girls tennis team really appealing on the friendship side. A lot of the girls on the team are competitive and want to go far in the 4A tennis matches they have coming up. 


“We currently have a 3-2 percentage so far in the season, but the two games we lost were really tough teams to beat. We all are hoping for some clean victories coming up against schools. But we shall see where that will take us hopefully,” senior Maggie Brooks stated. 


With girls tennis having only a couple more games left they are hoping to sweep some schools clean to secure a spot in the playoffs for 4A. The sport can be really individual at times, so it is key that the girls motivate each other on and off the courts no matter if it is a win or loss. 


“It can be hard to lose a match, either if you are a single player or a doubles player. With our team it feels different no matter if we win or lose we all back each other up and motivate each other off the courts,” sophomore Molly Wells said. 


No matter where the season takes the AAHS girls tennis team it seems like they all are motivated to see how far it goes for them. The girl’s tennis team is a great way to relieve stress, make some new friends or even find a new hobby to play around with. The environment is very welcoming to newcomers even if someone has not played before. We all hope to see where this season will take the girls but as far as the rest of us Kadets we are rooting them on!