We Love Breaks and Time Off School!

Breaks and time off school is something that many students appreciate and is taken advantage of greatly.


Anna Barber is able to travel to Chicago with her family and friends during a break to spend more time with her family.

Most students at Air Academy say that having breaks during the school year is extremely beneficial. Getting time off, allows students to spend time with family and friends, focus on their mental health, have opportunities to travel, and have some down time for themselves.

Students seem to rarely get time for their family and friends during the school year. A break such as spring break, winter break, or Thanksgiving break gives the opportunity to reconnect and bond with loved ones.

“I love being able to have much needed rest and have something to look forward to while sleeping in and having the rest of the day to recharge and spend time with loved ones. It’s a deep breath from the usual school life which is refreshing,” sophomore Jeremiah Day expressed.

Having something to look forward to is favorable because then there is hope in future plans with family.

While there is time for people you care about, there is also time for planning life after high school.

“I would say having time off school helps me think about the future. For example, it gives me time to think about my next steps in life like college, career, etc.  brakes also give me a chance to pursue what I don’t have time for during school. Going outside, painting, and reading for fun are the things I love to do most. Brakes also give me the opportunity to hang out with friends and socialize more. I also like that, this year specifically, homework is not allowed during breaks. I am able to focus on myself without having to worry about school. After all, a “break”  should actually be a break from school,”  senior Bryce Robinson revealed. 

Perusing hobbies is also a key to happiness and can be accomplished with the more free time available. Painting, reading, and watching the best movies are people’s hobbies that can actually be accomplished while on a break from school.

Time off school helps because when I have school back-to-back it becomes very stressful and overloading. It also becomes very hard to focus on topics, even the trivial ones. The breaks and days off are very beneficial to my mental health for a few reasons. First, it helps me relax. Second, it allows my psyche to actually contemplate the easier things I’m being taught as well as the complicated ones,” senior Aidan Hames communicated.

The stress and pressure of school can overwork students. A simple break can relieve a significant amount of the overload. The time to fully comprehend lessons or things being taught allows students to come back to school fully prepared to learn more.

“Time off school and having breaks is extremely beneficial to my mental health because it helps balance other areas of my life. It also gives me time to catch up on things I have been putting off because of school work. Getting time off school gives me time to relax and take care of myself as well as spending time with family and working on relationships,” junior Anna Barber noted.

Many things contribute to helping and improving mental health, but downtime and self-care are some of the biggest ways that people can recuperate and give time to themselves.

Academic breaks with no homework are a fantastic way for students to cherish the time that they get to spend outside of school. Breaks permits growth in relationships, improves mental health, creates opportunities to travel, and allows for self-care.