Blue Light Glasses: Impactful or Irrelevant?


Labeled for Reuse under the Creative Commons. A man stares at a computer screen while being surrounded in complete darkness.

In today’s society, people have developed an attachment towards utilizing technology as a part of their daily routine. From scrolling through social media for hours to completing school assignments to even online shopping, the list of technological distractions goes on and on. Although surfing the internet appears effortless, overexposure can actually lead to detrimental health effects. 

Even though technology can be harmful, Air Academy students have increased their screen time immensely due to the abrupt transition into virtual learning environments.

Sophomore Joseph Brock observed this sudden adjustment.

“Unfortunately, I spend approximately 10+ hours on screens every school day. Six or more hours for school combined with about four hours on homework,” noted Brock. 

In addition to Brock’s extensive screen time, staff members also feel the impacts of technology. Air Academy math teacher Maille O’Neil has experienced an extreme increase in her overall screen time since beginning to teach virtually. 

“Between work, entertainment purposes and my personal school, I am looking at a screen about 12 hours a day,” stated O’Neil. 

Even though this problem may come across as unavoidable, numerous precautions can be implemented to avoid harmful outcomes from occurring. One precaution that can be enforced is wearing blue light glasses while viewing computer or phone screens.

Blue light glasses have gained popularity in recent years as they are non-prescription glasses that filter out the blue light rays projected from digital screens. By wearing blue light glasses regularly, they can help reduce the chances of overexposure. 

Along with relieving discomfort, blue light glasses are also relatively inexpensive. A big factor in determining what glasses are most appropriate for an individual needs comes down to countless factors including cost, as O’Neil has realized. 

“YES! I think they have been a solid investment. On Amazon, I purchased two pairs for only $20,” exclaimed O’Neil. 

From their low-cost and noticeable effect, they are an excellent choice no matter an individual’s circumstances. In addition to being inexpensive, blue light glasses also help reduce the chances of developing headaches and even more severe migraines throughout the day. 

In my personal experience with blue light glasses, I have noticed a drastic decrease in the number of headaches I experience, which has enabled me to be more efficient with my school work. From noticing a decrease in headaches, I have also found that my eyes have steadily become less sensitive and irritable towards the light. 

In comparison to my encounter, Brock has noticed similar results since transitioning into wearing blue light glasses more frequently. 

“I did not notice a profound difference in my vision health for the first two weeks of wearing them, but soon after I noticed a gradual change in my eyes getting less tired throughout the day, and they were generally less sensitive to light,” commented Brock. 

From their cheap price and apparent results, blue light glasses provide plenty of benefits. With this being said, I would highly encourage everyone to purchase a pair. Not only will these glasses help concentration, but they will also promote healthy, strong vision.