The Debate on Grilled Cheese: Are They Really as Good as They Appear?


Sophomore Lizzy Dalton dumps a grilled cheese sandwich in the trash.

A Grilled cheese sandwich is the epitome of greatness, or so it seems. Do they have amazing ooey-gooey cheese or dried-up Velveeta on a piece of toasty bread? It seems that everyone either has a deep love or deep hate for the cheese sandwich. On the 12th of April, grilled cheese sandwiches will be celebrated across the land, but should they really celebrate for their greatness?  As a tribute to the beloved sandwich and hopefully an end to the great debate, here is why you should or shouldn’t love grilled cheese:

First, is why all of the world and all of its populace should love grilled cheese sandwiches. Students at Air Academy are raving about grilled cheese and who wouldn’t? On top of the natural hype that comes with the signature dish, students can’t help but talk about the deliciousness of the sandwich.

“I absolutely love grilled cheese,” said senior Elina Landon.

Landon takes part in Younglife’s Grilled Cheese Thursdays where students meet during lunch and eat grilled cheese that Younglife volunteers make.

For Landon, the service is the real treat; “the event itself is awesome because it has the purest intentions of being a safe, fun, and kind escape for students.

Although Younglife’s grilled cheese is currently on halt, young life is still reaching out to kids via a digital hangout that they call “club.”

As for grilled cheese, the food is still out there for those willing to create it. Websites such as ( ) offer simple instructions on how to make “the best-grilled cheese ever” from the comforts of home.

In the following weeks, we’re all looking for something to enjoy and share. Perhaps grilled cheese could unite us from the separations between our own home. Tonight, why don’t we all grab a slice of American, two slices of Wonder, and share the taste of a homemade grilled cheese that every Kadet can enjoy without the hate and hostility of people who hate it (mainly the author below).

Okay. So now that the insane opinion that grilled cheese sandwiches are actually good has been very loudly stated, here comes the right opinion about grilled cheese. The only right opinion.

Basically, grilled cheese sandwiches are disgusting. The rubbery plastic cheese that resides on a limp piece of sadly buttered bread does not add up to the expectation that the name grilled cheese provides. Cheese is an amazing food, it seems to make everything it touches better. However, when it turns into this monstrosity of a sandwich it no longer holds its power.

Many people seem to disagree with this statement, but when it comes down to the facts grilled cheese sandwiches are not good.

Sophomore Jenna Gilchrist adds, “grilled cheese sandwiches are just meh, they are all just the same to me and it gets kind of boring after a while. They aren’t very interesting”.

It’s true, they all taste the same. Maybe if the sandwich had some actual flavor they might be slightly better, but it’s like cardboard stuffed with plastic. Even if there is some way to spice it up a little does it actually change the overall taste? I don’t think many things can overpower the strong taste of bread and cheese.

Sophomore Sequoia Harris says, “I don’t like Velveeta cheese, and especially not on a grilled cheese sandwich, but I do like other cheeses on a grilled cheese a lot,”

When it comes to other cheeses on a grilled cheese sandwich there might be hope. Maybe fresh mozzarella on a piece of good bread instead of just wonder bread might do the trick. But it’s doubtful. Face it. Grilled cheese sandwiches can not pull of cheese like a pizza, they are tasteless and they are a poor excuse for a sandwich. It’s just the facts.

When April 12th rolls around the celebration of grilled cheese sandwiches will commence. The sandwich has been eaten and loved for many years and probably will continue to be eaten and loved for years to come. It will be used for late-night snacks, lunches, and dinners all around the world and will never stop being paired with the beloved tomato soup. The question of whether it is actually good is not important. Many people love it and the people who hate just don’t eat it. When it comes to the debate of the grilled cheese sandwiches it seems it will never be solved.