College Room Decor Inspiration


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Common supplies used for room decor. Image labeled for reuse by Unsplash.

As seniors finalize admissions decisions and commit to colleges, their next steps begin in the college process. With very few freshman students living off campus at the schools they’re attending, decorating dorm rooms is a must.

For some students, decor plans are already set in stone with a variety of plans being put together. Other students, on the other hand, are unsure on how to even start planning for decor.

The following information will hopefully help all those who are still in need of inspiration for their rooms.

For students on a budget hoping to still make their dorm rooms look as cozy as possible, do-it-yourself projects (DIY) are the perfect way to enhance college dorms while saving money at the same time.

HGTV composed a list of simple DIY projects specifically aimed towards college students hoping to spice up their dorms.

For one project, all students need is any kind of container that can hold items, and any supplies from lights to paint.

“[Using] various containers like Mason jars, vases and tin cans to create matching desk accessory [sets] will keep all your school essentials organized and within reach,” HGTV said.

In the image pictured right, a Mason jar has been filled with battery-powered fairy lights to give the jar a more appealing look.

Diego Hernandez
Lights and jars are the perfect way to enhance a room. Image labeled for reuse by Unsplash.

Another project proposed by HGTV is washi tape decor. Washi tape “comes in a rainbow of patterns and is easily removable without leaving damage or residue. It’s the perfect material to use to decorate a dorm room and personalize college belongings.”

With washi tape, students are given the opportunity to be creative and customize plain belongings, giving dorms a more charming appeal.

Another decor idea from HGTV is wooden crate display boxes, which can be used for hanging jewelry, keys, hats, and more. For step-by-step instructions on how to create this design, visit

With these DIYs, students are able to organize their room while creating a pleasing environment.

Although DIY projects may be entertaining for some students, others may not be as “crafty”. For students hoping to find enchanting additions for their rooms without paying a large price, thrift stores are worthwhile. At most thrift stores, there are sections filled with cheap home decor that can easily be brought back to life with cleaning supplies.

Old wooden chairs, vintage pictures, signs, and more can effortlessly make dorms look delightful–and these items can be found at most thrift stores.

Adrienne Leonard
A California thrift store filled with several options for decor. Image labeled for reuse by Unsplash.

If thrift stores are inaccessible or not ideal, another usually cheap location for decor is IKEA. Filled with almost all things decor and furniture related, IKEA serves as the perfect location for finding decorations for college rooms.

Although IKEA is affordable, almost everything purchased from the store must be built at home, which may be a burden to some, but still, IKEA is worth the trying.

Students who don’t necessarily have a budget or who are interested in viewing other locations may take the following stores into consideration.

Real Simple created a list of the best stores to purchase home decor items. This list included: World Market, Target, Pier 1, Urban Outfitters, and H&M Home.

Discussing World Market specifically, Real Simple noted, “This one-stop shop for home decor has it all: lamps, woven rugs, and all the quirky decorative objects you’ll ever need to give your home a touch of personality. When you’re looking for pieces that will bring color and texture to your home, this is the spot to shop. The prices are reasonable year-round, but keep an eye out for the amazing end-of-season sales.”

Ioana Cristiana
An Urban Outfitters store located in Santa Monica, California. Image labeled for reuse by Unsplash.

If searching “For a polished look, skip the sparkly accessories, and check out [Urban Outfitters’] colorful pillows, bedding, and modern lighting,” said Real Simple.

Other popular stores for home decor NOT mentioned by Real Simple include Anthropologie, HomeGoods, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Hobby Lobby, and Michaels.

Although this list doesn’t include every single place to shop when in search of room decor, it makes a great start. Happy shopping!

If just searching for pictures to gain inspiration from, the following images may prove to be useful!

Jazmin Quaynor
A vintage-style room. Image labeled for reuse by Unsplash.
Harry Cunningham
A bohemian-style room. Image labeled for reuse by Unsplash.
Alexandra Gorn
A minimalist-style room. Image labeled for reuse by Unsplash.
Yasmine Boheas
The perfect room for art lovers. Image labeled for reuse by Unsplash.
Anna Sullivan
Calling all plant lovers! Image labeled for reuse by Unsplash.

For more ideas, visit Pinterest, We Heart It, and Unsplash and search “room decor”.