Cheap Adventures in Colorado Springs


Junior Audrey Sandell posing with a smile in front of a world map at Kairos Coffee House.

We live in a world where teenage blood boils for adventure. Whether it is climbing a rock with a beautiful view at the top, or laying on the couch and binge watching action movies. Teenagers are constantly looking for ways to make new memories; yet, in most scenarios, money becomes an issue. Despite family financial income, teenagers tend to be more conservative when it come to their own pockets.

As beautiful as Colorado Springs may be, it lacks the beaches of the West coast and the busy city life of the East coast. The weather can be limiting to outdoor activities during the colder seasons; therefore, after receiving the “what should we do today?” text from their friends, most teenagers find themselves googling places to go in their own city.

As a helpful tool, here are some underestimated adventures right here in the city of mountains.

As we are at the peak of the spring sports season, there will be at least a couple of games or matches a week.

“My go-to hang out place with my friends is school sporting events because it’s a cheap and easy way to be a part of the high school experience and spend quality time with your friends,” said junior Sydney Pruitt who has a sports pass, which lets her attend all Air Academy High School athletic events for free.

The cheering crowd and stadium lights may not be for everyone, so if you prefer getting as far away from school as possible, freshman Nick Rytting recommends Ute Valley Park.

“It has a bunch of hiking trails and recently been covered in ice so it looks cool,” said Rytting.

Likewise, Pruitt recommends Blodgett trail, where she spends time hiking, hammocking and watching the sunrise with her friends. It is a view no money can buy.

Many people may like shopping, but feel reluctant to spend money. As a compromise to this issue, sophomore Jett Neubacher suggests a thrift store, where you can find unique style on a budget.

“Goodwill is such a cool place with chill people and you can always find cheap clothes,” said Neubacher while showing off his thrifted periodic table t-shirt.

When it comes to food, the options can seem repetitive between the basic Chick-fil-A, Sonic or Dutch Bros. Instead of eating at these frequently visited restaurants, junior Kelton Hooker suggested visiting Costa Vida off of Northgate.

“It has really good food, the people are nice and I always have coupons,” said Hooker about his favorite restaurant where he recaps some of his fond memories.

Because of low prices, discounts and an exciting menu, the restaurant is both delicious and cost-effective.

Coffee shops spread across the city provide the perfect location for impromptu photoshoots. With hours spent drinking coffee (or tea) and socializing with friends, coffee shops are becoming more popular among teenagers.

“Paris Crepes, Switchback Coffee Roasters, and Kairos are some of my favorites,” said junior Audrey Sandell.

Some other must-see and eat at places are BJ’s Velvet Freeze and Summer Sweet, where you can get a lot of delicious ice cream for cheap prices.

Some delicious coffee served at The Pop coffee stand.

Rosie’s Diner and Gunther Toody’s are a couple of city favorites, bringing back the dated trend of “hanging at diners.” Not only is the food reasonably priced and delicious, but the retro look can also expose you to a whole new adventure.

The list can go on: The Pop coffee stand on North Academy, Zeezo’s thrift store in downtown Colorado Springs, Garden of the Gods park, a little out of city is the Penny Arcade of Manitou Springs, etc.

Whether you are an outdoor’s person, a sports fan or a foodie, Colorado Springs beholds many incredible places.

Even if some of these places sound unappealing, any location can be fun when friends tag along.

With the right people, every small adventure in the city of mountains can become an endless memory.