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Parmida Mahdavi
heyo i'm mida (short for parmida), and i hate uppercase letters. i am a senior this year at aahs and this is my second year as part of the jetstream journal staff. i'm honored to hold the marketing manager position and the executive social media manager position for the second year, which in less fancy words means that i promote this publication. i'm a varsity swimmer for the girls swim team and co- founder of the people change people organization. outside of crazy school shenanigans, i enjoy driving to random places with my friends, doing face masks with my mom, and eating an unhealthy amount of pop tarts. i love this newspaper very much and cannot wait to experience a year of fresh stories with our awesome new staff. go on now, we have some cool stories waiting to be read.

Parmida Mahdavi , Marketing Manager

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Parmida Mahdavi