Bored at the Academy?

Nearly 19,000 acres of land, what will you do?
(Labeled for reuse)

Nearly 19,000 acres of land, what will you do? (Labeled for reuse)

Kadets often feel that their monotonous routine of waking up, getting dressed, and heading to school can be mundane and thoughtless. Whether they live on base or reside in the city, most students simply never take their time to stop and smell the roses. We all spend hours everyday learning and working hard at the school, but how many Kadets actually explore what else USAFA has to offer?

The U.S. Air Force Academy is home to thousands of acres of land, which contain beautiful hills to explore and many activities for those looking for more in their AAHS experience. Such as…

USAFA is home to an archery club, which is available for both civilian and military use every day of the week. The organization offers six different ranges to hone one’s skill and become a masterful archer.

While anyone can bring their own gear, the club offers rental bows and arrows for $2 an hour. To access the ranges, a membership fee is required, which varies based on which membership people apply for.

The ranges are open to everyone with a membership from 9 AM to 5 PM, and the clubhouse is open every Saturday from nine to four. Lessons are also available on Saturdays to anyone with a membership.

Ever wanted to be able to soar through the skies? The aero club offers lessons to anyone who dreams of taking to the skies. This club gives the tools and experience needed to gain a pilot’s certificate, and even has five rental planes for recreational use by those who have earned it.

For those with years of experience or those who have never set foot in an airplane, lessons are offered for every specific individual’s needs.

“It is a very warm kind of family environment where a lot of learning happens and a lot of fun happens,” said senior Bonnie Yinger. “It’s a good learning, hard-working environment… and safe, very safe.”

In order to join the club, a $35 fee is required plus a monthly payment of $25, and renting a plane costs between $105 to $115 per hour, depending on which plane is used. The aero club is not open to civilians.

  • Falcon Trail:

One of many trails housed at the Academy, the Falcon Trail is a 13 mile hike or bike ride through gorgeous scenery of woods and hills. Completely open to any member of the public, it contains wildlife, woods and passes by one of the oldest buildings in Colorado.

Home to two courses to play on, the golf course offers time for a relaxing sport every day of the week. The area has 36 holes stretching over thousands of yards, and is open to anyone.

On top of the courses, the area contains a club house where golfers can leisurely eat and chat with each other before getting back to their highly competitive and intense sport.

Prices vary depending on lanes, golf balls and equipment, be sure to check out the site linked above for more information.

Any student, military or civilian, elementary, middle or high school may attend meetings at the planetarium beginning March 4. The planetarium is reopening soon to the public, and the hosts are offering free shows for all students every Tuesday and Thursday.

The shows primarily teach people about the wonders of the universe with astronomy and physics. Afterwards, there is generally a meeting between those wishing to stay and a professional astronomer for half an hour.

Have a passion for horses? The stables on base are a mere walk away from the school, so if it’s a Friday afternoon and you feel like you need a ride through the woods, it’s just $35 to hop on a horse and get going. There are over 44,000 acres of trails to be explored, so there’s no need to worry about ever getting bored.

The equestrian center is also brilliant for those in need of volunteer hours. The stables accept anyone who wants to help take care of the horses and stables, and learn the ins and outs of the animals.

“Volunteering at the stables has been a wonderful experience,” said junior Emma Killion. “I’ve met new people and made new friends and learned a whole lot of skills.”

There’s plenty of fun to be had and experience to gain on the Academy. So, next time you feel bored after a long day at school, take a stroll around the Academy, you never know what fun you’ll have.