Human Trafficking Month

Do you see the signs? Read the article for more information about how to stay safe!


A victim in chains signifying her imprisonment to trafficking. Photo sourced from Flicker.

Jan 1, 2023, marked the first day of Human Trafficking Awareness Month.  During this month, people raise awareness or donate to people who were/are victims of human trafficking. This month also teaches the importance of safety as well.

There are different types of trafficking, such as forced labor, sexual, and debt bondage. These horrible acts can happen to anyone, ranging between the ages of 5-27. These traffickers target those who walk alone, are under the influence, or are walking to and from school. 

“There are 40.3 million human trafficking victims across the globe. 14,000 people get trafficked every year in the united states,” according to an article written by Neal Davis Law Firm

Although America cannot eradicate human trafficking completely, the community can still spread awareness and work together to stay safe as well. Going places in groups, in pairs with trusted friends, or meeting in public places can help reduce the chances of getting kidnapped or targeted. 

“I think we should bring more attention to human trafficking in general and ways to prevent it,” senior Jordan Swain stated. 

Students around the world should know how to protect themselves, and how to help protect others as well. This can be achieved by teaching the importance of human trafficking in schools and how to see the signs that someone they know or themselves is targeted for being targeted. 

 ‘’I think it could be mentioned in health class as well and inform the people of the dangers of trafficking,” senior Maddy Johnson inquired. 

Another way to prevent human trafficking is knowing who the person is before asking to hang out with them. This is an important step especially in online dating. Giving out personal information such as phone numbers and addresses to people on the internet can increase the chances of kidnapping and assault. 

“Offering self-defense classes the same way they offer CPR classes can also be beneficial to the safety of yourself and others,” Johnson remarked. 

In order to become a safer community, it is important to see the signs of trafficking. Barcode tattoos, signs of physical abuse, the inability to talk to someone alone, and fearfulness of a person they are with are the main signs of trafficking. If a citizen sees signs like this it is important to call the police and stay with the person until help arrives. 

“Educating people would help them be safer because it will help them be more aware of their surroundings,” senior Halle Ruiz stated. 

The community can also protect people by supporting the victims of trafficking. Donating clothes, money, or even just a hug can bring comfort and support to the victims. Groups like the NOVA organization dedicate their jobs to helping victims in need by hosting fundraisers, free therapy and housing resources, and conferences.  

“Ways to reach out for help is important to help stop trafficking from happening,” senior Carmen Kuhn added. 

If there is any suspicious behavior or signs immediately call the police. There are also hotlines for trafficking as well. National Human Trafficking Hotline is a 24/7 hotline used to report any kind of trafficking. Contact them at 1(888)373-7888. If there are any questions regarding trafficking click on the link here