Greater Position Impact

Comparing player positions and impacts in the game of basketball.

Basketball is the 3rd most viewed sport in the world and also a very popular sport to play. Basketball heavily relies on teamwork, communication, and all positions working together to making the game run smoothly. The guard positions in basketball are very popular and important, whereas positions like the center are not as popularized.

Controlling the play is extremely important in scoring and could possibly make or break the play, which falls into the hands of the point guard.

 “A point guard is essentially the playmaker who facilitates the ball to their team with maximum efficiency and best communication,” sophomore basketball player, Adrian Rivas, stated. 

The center is responsible for the inside area of the court and they mainly get layups or set screens. Screens can play a massive part in plays because that is usually how players get open for a shot or layup. Centers set up plays for guards to get open for easy points.

 “A center is basically the biggest man to the team and the main rebounder/shot blocker,” Rivas stated

Senior, Finn Horsefall shooting over an opponent. Photo by Jen Jardeleza.

Over time the dynamic of these positions has changed. For example, a player in the NBA named Giannis Antetokounmpo, who plays for the Milwaukee Bucks, has changed these positions a lot. He is built like a center, but there have been times when he has taken the role of a point guard like bringing the ball up and calling out plays.

This has changed the game and there have been many centers, as well as the small and power forwards who have the ball in their hands more and bring the ball up the floor, further advancing their skill level in the future.

Moving to the ‘small forward’ and ‘power forward’ positions, these are both some of the harder positions in the game of basketball. These players have to be very athletic all around. These players have to be able to move around the court with the speed of a point guard and be able to take contact like a center. 

“The position that takes the most skill is small forward, a good small forward has to be the jack of all trades,” Rivas mentioned

Some of the most popular players are small or power forwards, such as Dennis Rodman and Scottie Pippen who played for the Chicago Bulls. In addition to this, Lebron James who has played for the Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Los Angeles Lakers is also a heavily popularized player. Those players were incredibly talented since they all knew how to pass the ball efficiently and also knew how to score and rebound. 

Every position on a basketball team is important in making a successful basketball team. A point guard has the responsibility of facilitating the play and trying to set up a bucket. A shooting guard is also similar to a point guard but usually a little bigger in size to try and reach the rim more than a point guard. Small forwards and power forwards are responsible for being available to set screens and get to the hoop during the play. The center is the big man responsible for getting points inside the paint as well as getting rebounds. No team is full unless every person is doing their part.