Come Be Cool With The KEWL!

The New English Center, the KEWL, is in session!


Senior Jack Antonez (left) is enlightened by his fellow senior and tutor Dominic Rice (right) as he helps him.

Ever wanted to eloquently express thoughts or explanations through writing, but have trouble undertaking such a task? Luckily, the KEWL (Kadet English Writing Lab) is here to help! Located in Room 208, the brand new center offers help from literature teachers throughout all grade levels and distinguished English students. 

Each day, students are gathered from all parts of Air Academy High School and are welcomed into the KEWL family. Although temporary, many are able to get the help they need within a comfortable environment filled with snacks, books, and tutors. 

Pleasant surroundings are vital to a good and accomplished session, but how does the center aid all of those involved? Senior Jason Puleri, who peer tutors on the side, discussed his experience.

“Helping students in the KEWL not only improves the kadet community, but also provides a unique opportunity to build upon your own writing and grammar skills,” Puleri said. 

“Students are reminded on what they need to work on and the KEWL gives them a place to go for help. Also, It helps teachers ease their busy schedules,” English Teacher and KEWL Coordinator, Emily Greer, added. 

Learning and growing are the fundamentals of every service that provides assistance. However, the ability to absorb knowledge while helping others offers a certain uniqueness to the center. Nobody is perfect and for students that are ashamed to seek help, it’s reassuring to be taught by someone who understands the struggle because they’ve been in their place. 

Academics are not the only thing that is improved upon since those aiding their peers can develop more of a contribution to their lives. 

“Being a peer tutor for the KEWL has helped me become more empathetic, realize where others struggle in writing, and discover how to help others succeed,” Puleri expressed.

The learning center is beneficial to students all around. Helpers like Puleri understand that although their academic skills are high, even they can use improvement whether it’s personal or school related.

Having the KEWL as a resource is convenient, but what happens when challenges with English occur at home?

“I’d recommend to reach out to friend or teacher. If that doesn’t work then a last resort would be to use the internet,” Greer suggested.

Emailing or texting others for guidance is always great, however, it’s important to remember common courtesies such as avoiding spamming or asking questions at midnight or after. For teachers specifically, they tend to be responsive during school hours or in the late afternoon. 

Greer’s advice to help immediately is the best option for those who are under a time constraint and need assistance. Websites that are known to show step-by-step instructions and are recommended by not only the KEWL coordinator herself, but also Puleri include Khan Academy and Youtube.

The English learning center is open for students during all eight blocks except for Kadet Academic Time (otherwise known as KAT) and lunch. So, drop by the KEWL and get help from cool teachers and tutors!