The World of FCA

The FCA is one of the best clubs at AAHS. FCA stands for Fellowship of Christian Athletes. The whole point of FCA is to help Christain athletes keep God in their mind, as well as remind them of scripture readings. The club meets at 7 pm every Monday night at a student’s house. Almost every athlete that goes never regrets it since the people there are very welcoming and no person is left out. It is also an excellent way for people of all grades to meet new people without being forced to interact because it is all very natural and a great way to be welcomed to AAHS.

Sophomore Aaron Maline attends FCA.

“I feel like learning to follow God and using the bible and his teachings to help yourself through situations that you’re in unknown territory can be very useful,” Maline stated.

FCA can help that because of the environment it promotes. Maline explained that they talk about the scriptures and teachings through activities that keep people engaged. This organization helps student-athletes not just with athletics, but also helps in school, on a normal day of life, and in other aspects of their life.

FCA is also great to meet new people who attend AAHS, play sports, and follow God. Everyone starts by having food and meeting different people and other athletes. Student-athletes go to talk about their struggles with one another and help each other. Most student-athletes go through similar things and is really easy to help other people and sympathize in what they’re going through.

The FCA meets at a student’s house to talk about how everyone is doing, how to follow God, and make sure everyone feels good about what is going on both in and out of school. When attending it is incredibly welcoming and no one is ever left out, and you can find people who are similar to you and help each other.

Student-Athletes Gathering for FCA. Credited by Patty Rodney.

“I’d say the experience is very fun you’re with a lot of people who really enjoy your presence, they want you all to be there and your with a lot of people who are all athletes, who all play sports, who are all Air Academy,” Maline said.

It is really easy to connect and feels great when getting involved in the conversation since people will never put someone down, but instead they will support anyone no matter what, and help with bad habits that a lot of student-athletes go through.

FCA is great for incoming freshman athletes to attend, but it is also great for upperclassmen to go and meet the future of the school and help them. Upperclassmen can help guide new students on what could happen in the future, as well as the traditions of the school.

There are a ton of benefits of going to FCA, but it is an incredible environment for following God and learning more about Christianity, as well as following the teachings of the bible. FCA has a ton of benefits, but it all ties to God and how to stay in his goodness.