Is School the Real Home?


Courtney Cannon at Air Academy having fun and talking with their classmates.

Some people wonder why the school has us learning certain things, like who needs to know about so much history? I wonder if some people use the excuse of a school project or school to ignore some things like their home life, or something that makes them stressed. 

In my opinion, people have used the excuse of the stone-cold school to ignore their problems. Even if it’s about school. But is it really the building that’s just full of empty classrooms at the end of the day, or is it more for a person? Is it their place better than home? Is it the worst thing ever created for some people?

Some students, if not most, have thought of school as a home away from home, and they would disguise it as the worst thing ever.

School has kept me from doing some of the things I want to do, and although it has helped me in ways in becoming more independent and being able to talk to other people because I usually don’t like people,” sophomore Courtney Cannon replied.

Of course, like Cannon, some people do not like school because they get things either taken away because of their grades, or they have to cancel plans, etc. Because of this, some students would rather stay home.

On the other hand, Some students like to see their friends and ignore either something that is going on,

“I like school because it provides me an escape from my home life, and also talking to my friends and stuff is really chill,” exclaimed junior Chloe Roster as she was talking to some friends.

As Roster stated, there is much more than school than just learning and taking notes, there’s hanging out with friends, there’s socializing, similar to what Cannon said in the previous quote.

Students that think school is more like home are because they either have some personal things going on, they want to ignore someone or something, or they want to ignore school and do something else during school.

In my opinion, school is a good way to avoid some things, like your home life, but I still think that when you’re in school, you should try your best to succeed in what they are teaching.

Succeeding in school can be many different things, although for me, succeeding in school is when you are trying your best, and getting your work done.

“School is very repetitive like you always have to review something before you move on to something else, or you learn about a topic again, because some other people in the class don’t understand what the class was doing,”  freshman Magdelena Renshaw said.

Despite some of the downsides that school has, it still provides a haven for many students. It is a place of positive interactions and a place to get away from any at-home issues.

These different people all “live” in Air Acadamy, as some people just think of it more as a home, than as a school.