Should There Be a Men’s History Month?


Sophomores Trey Nohrenberg and Gianna Antil stand for equality.

Living in America, equality has been a big subject that’s been going around for years. It is important to celebrate every one of every gender and ethnicity. Women’s History Month supports the revolution of women, voting rights, working rights of women, and overall independence.

“I think that everyone deserves equality in America. We fight for equal rights every day, fighting through diversity,” sophomore Brad Wieker stated.

This statement is very true. The United States is known for having equality and when not all genders are equal it creates controversy. With this being said, Women’s History Month is celebrated for the accomplishments of women over many years. They have done more for our country than people realize and that is why they have a month to celebrate themselves. 

Men’s accomplishments are often talked about and celebrated in everyday life. The history of genders is mostly remembered as the history of our country. The history we are taught is predominantly men’s history. Not enough historical women are talked about in school and in daily life. 

“Yes, there should be a men’s history month, because men are the backbone of this country. When we took the US men fought in the revolutionary war,” sophomore Trey Nohrenberg exclaimed. 

Men have done a lot for this country, in war, working jobs, and supporting the citizens of America. Most major inventions have come from men. In addition to this, a lot of revolutionary actions have also come from men. 

“Yeah, I think that there are plenty of men that aren’t recognized for their achievements. There are men of color and immigrant status that are blended together by society into the whole of men,” AAHS teacher Mrs. Roache stated. 

Through research, I’ve found that Women’s History Month is celebrated to stop discrimination against women. In the modern-day US, we have very similar equal rights. Women’s History Month could improve the rights of women, which could lead to true equality.

Men and women need equality and should both be celebrated through various historical months. Having support for each month is very important for students and teachers. Gender months show the achievements and movements people have made throughout history.

Celebrating people is something we all need to do more and support with everyone is something that needs be in effect. Men and women are known for not being equal so we should have celebrating months for both parties.

“Having months to celebrate each other can both be an opportunity and a good way to find equality. I think all accomplishments should be celebrated for both men and women. Equality is a big thing in this country and with this specific topic, it is not there,” sophomore Jadyn Selecky stated.

Celebrating both genders and keeping a good balance between males and females is something that should be in effect. It would be great if there was a history month for men and have more appreciation than what the nation currently has.