Wait What…Finals Are Approaching!

How are Air Academy students preparing for finals? What techniques can they use to perform well during finals week?


Freshman Malia Juhl studies hard for finals week approaching shortly.

The Air Academy Kadets are rapidly preparing since finals are about to commence before students are off of winter break. With different forms of finals coming up, things are becoming harder and more stressful for students day by day.

Yet, what do other students think about finals? 

Many students are either new to finals in general, or they are stressed because of the impending doom that finals can impose.

“I didn’t have finals [last year] and I am not excited about it [this year],” freshman Sage Montoya exclaimed.

Although students might have differing thoughts, some believe that they are preparing for finals at a very abrupt pace. 

“I study for them every day, so yes, I am ready for the finals,” sophomore Courtney Cannon commented.

Cannon has a different interpretation of finals than most students do since she is not quite dreading them, but excited to take the exam and advance into winter break. Finals are something that every AAHS student must complete. Due to the fact that everyone has to take it, some students wonder what they have to do to prepare, especially this year returning from the pandemic.

I am preparing for finals by studying for things I need to do or my avid teacher forcing me to study. Shout out to miss Webber!,” sophomore Stephanie Smith noted.

As Smith stated, studying is definitely a big help. By studying, it helps students in a variety of ways and actually might benefit their learning in the future. 

“My parents and one of my best friends are helping me study for the final, ” Cannon stated.

Cannon has had help from others to study and prepare for finals week. There are many options to help prepare and uplift students who are worried or stressed about finals. 

Even though many options are available, some students might not know what options are available or even how to access these study materials before finals. With this in mind, various students are not even studying for finals, which could cause unneeded stress before finals week commences. Finals are a major part of the semester and can really alter a student’s letter grade. From this drastic impact, it is important that students study for finals since they might regret their efforts later.

However, countless students are not able to put enough time into studying and they can only study in small increments throughout the day. Despite their efforts studying, some might also have to work or attend a practice or engage in other extracurricular activities. Yet, it is important to remember to take time off from work, or sports, or anything else that they participate in, to work on studying for finals.

These are just some tips and tricks for studying before finals begin. Taking this into consideration, it is crucial that students study hard and simply try their best in that moment.