Godzilla vs. Kong: Why Kong Would Totally Win

Movie poster for the Godzilla vs King movie. Labeled for Creative Commons.

Movie poster for the Godzilla vs King movie. Labeled for Creative Commons.

Revealed in a trailer on January 24, 2021, two of the most beloved Hollywood monsters are going to duke it out on the big screen, in the movie Godzilla vs. Kong. In the trailer we see the two giants going head to head; Godzilla using his iconic laser breath while Kong sports a never-before-seen weapon: an ax that seems resistant to Godzilla’s attack.

The trailer also hinted at an ancient war between the two species, which would mean this weapon was specifically crafted to kill the nuclear lizards, thus, putting Kong at a major advantage. Not to mention that Kong has the world’s military on his side, even if they might not be of much use considering Godzilla seems to be unharmed by any bullets or bombs.

With Godzilla being much more powerful and durable and Kong benefitting from agility, intelligence, and weaponry, it’s pretty clear Kong would win.

Junior Casey Baldwin explained, “Godzilla would win, all King Kong has going for him is thumbs, and he’s fighting a nuclear throat lizard.” 

As Baldwin pointed out, Kong’s thumbs provide an advantage as he’s able to hold on to and climb things much better than Godzilla.

Although Godzilla’s throat laser is very powerful, it isn’t very effective if it isn’t able to hit Kong due to his ability to block it with the ax.

Junior Aiden Walker provided a much more sensible opinion, “[Kong would definitely win], especially if he had a weapon which could challenge Godzilla’s breath. No contest.”

Screenshot From trailer showing Kong attacking Godzilla with his ax. Labeled for Creative Commons.

Junior Logan Mawhiney proposed a third outcome from the battle: “He just seems more impenetrable. Like Godzilla has his taser mouth and Kong just has big monkey hands. It just seems illogical that big monkey can win against big lizard; it’ll probably just be a tie.”

Most likely, and in my opinion, the movie will end in an unfortunate draw between Godzilla and Kong or maybe even some sort of alliance. It seems unlikely that Warner Brothers would kill off one of two of their franchise’s leading characters, especially after the launch of their ‘MonsterVerse’ in 2014. We’ll probably be left with an indefinite answer as to who would win, which is fine (Because we all know that Kong would totally win anyway).