Top 3 Lights to Brighten Up Your Day

Top 3 Lights to Brighten Up Your Day

What is the first thing someone looks for in their home when they get home late at night? Probably the light switch. 

Many people may take advantage of lighting in their home or in public places because we are so used to having it. That is why you may find people in a panic during a power outage. 

Light is essential, whether one is doing homework, cooking dinner, or even driving their car. Thankfully, people do not have to walk around with candles anymore, and that is all thanks to the light bulb. 

There are many different kinds of light bulbs such as the standard incasendant, fluorescent tubes, LED, and compact fluorescent. But how does one pick a lightbulb? Here are three different lights for different uses. 

  1. Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFL)

The compact fluorescent light bulb is the most energy efficient light bulb out there. However, these light bulbs may cost more in store compared to others, but they save money when it comes to the electricity bill. These bulbs can last eight to ten years, also saving money because they do not need to be replaced too often.

      2. LED Light Strips 

Have you seen those mesmerizing light strips that change colors with a click of a remote? There are different types of LED lights; however, the LED strips are taking the internet up by a storm. They are lights on a strip with adhesive on one side in order to stick them on a surface. But the creativity is endless. Some people put them on their walls, in their cars, on their bed frames, and on their desk. With the click of a button, the lights can change color and change the whole essence of a room. These lights use about 75 percent less energy than the standard incandescent bulb and can last 25 times longer. 

      3. Smart Bulbs

Alexa, turn on the lights. Imagine not having to even touch a light switch. Thanks to new technology, there are smart LED light bulbs that you can control with your phone or even with your voice. These light bulbs are also energy saving, however, they are more on the pricey side when purchasing them. Smart bulbs can last 10 years on average, whereas, the standard incandescent bulb needs to be replaced about once a year. 

Light bulbs are something people take advantage of daily. Because of light bulbs, we can now work at night and we can travel safely in the dark. Light bulbs are one of the most important inventions since man figured out how to make fire. Without light, there would be no nightlife. 

So do yourself a favor and upgrade your lights. Some lights may cost more upfront, however, in the long run, they will save you your hard-earned money.