Why is Christmas Music Bad?


It's the season of Christmas music, and with that comes snow.

Christmas is right around the corner and already radios are playing the music for the holiday.

Christmas music is to lighten everyone’s mood and get them excited about the most popular holiday, though people such as myself find that the music is not as good as other music that I listen to. 

This music is sometimes too cheery and gets repetitive often as it is overplayed, but that does not stop people who love that kind of music from listening to it.

In the past, Christmas music started as caroling in the 1880s in Europe and spread throughout countries hanging in language depending on where the carols were sung, according to BBC.

History.com notes that even in the year 1914, during WWI, German and British Fighters paused fighting and sang Christmas carols over the trenches.

Thankfully Christmas music is seasonal and doesn’t really spread over the nation like it does in November and December.

“Even though Christmas is my favorite time of year, I do enjoy that this music stays seasonal and doesn’t really bleed out into other genres,” said sophomore Chance Alger.

Most people enjoy Christmas music in some way, but when it is played everywhere it can get on the nerves of many such as myself, and on top of being played everywhere it is also played constantly.

“Yes, it gets annoying because around this time of year I hear it everywhere,” said freshman Tyler Scarbrough. 

Christmas has a weird eeriness to how cheery it is, it just has a weird feeling of over-joyfulness to it that makes it a little unsettling.

Most Christmas songs have the same lyrics from the classic Christmas songs, but they are re-made by newer music artists to showcase a different genre with the same base Christmas music.

Modern Christmas music is the old songs that are well known such as “Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer,” and they are then altered to match the way that the new artist prefers to sing it.

“Christmas music can be too cheery but is still okay as music its self,” Both Scarbrough and Alger agreed.

Christmas music is not entirely bad, but it’s the constant repetition of the same words put to different melodies, and it being played around the clock on local radio stations and other people alike.

“Listening to the same music can get annoying because of how few songs there are for Christmas and they just get remade over and over by different people,” said math teacher Laurilyn Gregerson.

Christmas music has an influence this time of year on other genres of music such as metal, jazz, rap, pop, etc.

Any public place that has speakers will most likely be playing Christmas music in December to get into the holiday spirit, which makes it impossible to avoid.

Christmas music can be good, but it needs to have more variety and more people need to start playing the music less so it doesn’t stay as annoying as it is.