Rookie of the Year: Freshman Sam Beers Debuts in His First Year of Football

Freshman Sam Beers is leading the pack in football.

Freshman Sam Beers is leading the pack in football.

September 20th: it’s Air Academy High School’s Homecoming game.

The Kadets are playing against George Washington High School from Denver. A player in blue with the number forty-two rushes down the field. Players from the other side try to chase him down, but they can’t. As the announcer screams, “Touchdown Kadets!” the crowd goes ecstatic. Students, parents and teachers begin screaming and shouting with all of their might.    

Number forty-two scores again, and again, and again.                                                          

The Kadets won the game with a score of 46-26.              

As the team celebrates, one player takes off his helmet. Fifteen-year-old Sam Beers is a running back who plays on the Air Academy varsity team.

The craziest part? He’s a Freshman.

Beers already has a running record of 260 yards and nine touchdowns under his belt.

“I started playing four years ago and I’ve loved the game ever since,” said Beers.

According to Boston University two out of three football players start playing before the age of twelve.                            

 Football coach, Scott Grinde quoted on his abilities whether it is talent or hard work. “I think it’s a combination of both. I think Sam is very talented but he does not think that way, he thinks he has to work as hard or harder than anybody else on that field.With that in mind that just compounds his talent. It helps our team and it helps him become a better player.”

While Beers is a very talented player, his teammates are older, wiser and have experience. They may treat him differently because this is his first year when the other players had to climb there way to the top.

When Senior Cole Edmondson when asked about Beers said, “I do like Sam. It’s nice how he is playing football with us. He’s stepped into a leadership role this year, being a freshman playing varsity, he’s been handling it really well and he just exceeding every game.”

Edmondson also commented, “I also wasn’t surprised when Sam got into varsity though, we had a couple of injuries before the season that made him step up. He took it very well and he is doing great.”

According to Grinde, Beers’s hard work and effort pays off on and off the field. “All of players that work hard, But Sam has an extraordinary work ethic, and a team guy all the way. He wants the team to be successful before himself and he does a good job being unselfish and humble while still producing great results,” said Grinde.

With hard work and positivity, it seems that there is no stop in sight for Beers.

“I believe I have a future in football I just need to put in the work and effort,” said Beers.

Cole added, “I think our first goal is to win the next game and next week but maybe someday we’ll make the playoffs and maybe state.” Beers is energetic, focused and taking the season one game at a time.

The Kadets’ next game is on Friday, October 18th as they play against Widefield High School.