Play That Funky Music: Marching Band and Its Affect on Students


Lily Saxerud

The Full AAHS Band strikes a pose at the beginning of their first movement.

If you manage to walk near enough to the parking lot at the right time, you’ll undoubtedly hear the Air Academy Marching Band in action. 

Melony Black
The 2017-2018 Marching Band marches in the Tournament of Roses.

The 14-time State Champion and 2-time Rose Bowl Performance-level band has been working non-stop since May to hone musicianship skills, march drills correctly, and maintain a dedication to the ensemble.

“What I like most about being a band director is watching students grow and push themselves farther than they previously thought they could go,” stated Mr. Musick, the director of the AAHS Marching Band.

“Marching Band teaches the students a strong work ethic and how to be a part of an ensemble and a larger community,” Musick further explained.

Aidan Helvey
Band Director Mr. Musick watches the band perform carefully to give important feedback that will help the band sound the best it possibly can.

The grueling, eight-hour practice sessions every Thursday and Monday also pay off in other ways.

“Band teaches you lots of life lessons about hard work and dedication, but it’s also really fun,” senior drum major Ryan Flat stated. “Band has always been an important part of high school for me, and I have lots of friends in band.”

Along with the seniors, who have done band for all four years, the incoming freshmen have been presented with an entirely new experience.

“It’s been a lot of fun connecting with the rest of pit [The AAHS Front Enesemble] and meeting lots of new people,” explained freshmen Jack Durrenberger.

Freshmen Annika Ridenour is also new to AAHS band as a transfer from another school’s marching band.

“It is very different mainly because the dedication from everyone is so much more. In my old band it was also a lot smaller, we had about 30 people in our band and here it’s so much larger,” stated Ridenour. “Everyone is so supportive and happy. I’m so glad I’m here.”

Aidan Helvey
AAHS Front Ensemble takes a water break after a long, rigorous night of rehearsal for the upcoming Marching Band Show.

In preparation for upcoming shows that are only drawing nearer, band members are sticking together and improving themselves mutually in order to pull off something incredible, and a recent win at the 2019 Legacy Marching Festival on August 28th with a score of 84.5 points has kicked off the new season with a near-flawless victory.