The Library: What’s Its Worth?


The AAHS library has been questioned of its worth and usefulness.

Many can recall the Scholastic Book Fair and library days in elementary school, rejuvenating nostalgia and happiness in one’s inner self.

However, as students get older and times change, it appears that books and libraries at their core become more obsolete and pointless. That begs the question:

Is the library at school really used for books anymore?

Of course, with the rise of technology and various other forms of entertainment such as Netflix, video games, and more, library use seems to have declined.

However, many people still check out physical copies of books, whether it’s for a class or recreational purposes.

“People check out books every day, five-six people check out books every day,” librarian Katy Sebben said.

That may be surprising for some, but Sebben continues, saying, “Over half of our school check out books. Novels that teachers assign are more popular.”

With no surprise does it come that assigned reading is more popular to be checked out in comparison, but with the rise of digital media such as Kindle, some people simply prefer the physical copy, or just dislike the digital versions.

According to Sebben, “[The students] check out more for recreational use. Because the databases are used for education,” it is unclear whether assigned reading goes under recreational use. But of course, the digital format is increasingly popular over the latter, as “50-60 people check out digitally regularly.”

Despite the various changes that have been made to the library, Sebben says that its novel collection will remain the same. “[We have] no plans on getting rid of [the books].”

Going off this information, it’s clear to assume that the library books aren’t going anywhere, even though the library may look somewhat desolate without the students being allowed to eat there for lunch.

AAHS senior Stefan Perrigo states, “Yeah [books are becoming less popular]; electronics are way more relevant. When was the last time you brought a textbook home?”

“No, I have never checked out a book from the library in high school,” Perrigo adds.

However, on the contrary, AAHS sophomore Ashlyn Johnson differs in opinion.

“Yes, twice during freshman year because I needed a book for Kadet time,” Johnson states in regards to her own book habits. However, she agrees on the topic of book popularity- “Yes, it is less convenient to read a book when you can get one online, or not at all.”

Though many hold the firm belief that the books in the library are essentially useless, the statistics and people show that the library has its own uses, and makes more than enough people happy, meaning that the library and the books should stay.