School Dance. via https://pixabay.com/en/photos/physical/?cat=education under Google labeled for reuse

Air Academy’s MORP is right around the corner!

Have you been waiting for that special guy who doesn’t have the guts to ask you to a dance?  No need to fear, Morp (Prom spelled backwards) is the final dance before prom; so girls, it’s your turn to ask the guys.

Morp is on Saturday, March 4th, from 8-11pm. The theme for this year is “Dancing Through the Decades.” 

Since the theme is “Dancing Through the Decades,” make sure to dress up as your favorite decade to the dance! Ethan Powell, a student here at Air Academy, is dressing up for the 60’s theme. He says he’s going for the “slicked back Don Draper look.” Junior Monichea Rhea is dressing up with her friends in the 70’s decade and she’s looking forward to “making memories with (her) friends.” Another student, Brayden Jonswald, is dressing up for the 60’s decade. Lastly, Sydney Grad is looking forward to “having fun with (her) friends,” and she’s dressing up for the 80’s decade. Make sure to choose your favorite decade and dress up on the night of Morp!

At the dance, there will be music played from various decades to go along with the theme. Matt Parker, senior at Air Academy, says he’s looking forward to the, “exhilarating, heart-palpitating music and dancing.”

During the week leading up to Morp, it is Spirit Week at Air Academy! Here are the Spirit Days, and what to wear on each of them:

On Monday, all you have to do is roll out of bed and hop into your car because it’s Pajama day! Wear your favorite onesie or dress up in a night gown and get ready to snore your day away. 

On Tuesday, break out your capes and tights, it’s superhero day! Save the day by wearing gear to support your favorite DC or Marvel characters. “With great power comes great responsibility.”

For all you Patriots fans, here is another chance to brag about the incredible Super Bowl win; Wednesday is jersey day. Wear clothing from your favorite hockey, baseball, football, lacrosse or soccer team, or support a local team.

From snow pants and ski jackets to swim trunks and surfboards, Thursday is Snow vs Surf day. Whether your a true Colorado mountain lover or you’re constantly wishing you could live in California and surf the days away, you can dress up on this day.

Finally, on Friday, Air Academy goes through the decades. Rock the trends from your favorite decades and come prepared to have fun.

Remember, this is a girls ask guys dance, and tickets are only 5 dollars! You can go with a group or a date. Either way, you don’t want to miss this year’s Morp!