Is Halloween the Best Holiday?

Pumpkins prepared for Halloween.

Pumpkins prepared for Halloween.

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It’s now October, also known as “spooky season”. The season is heralded by pumpkin spice lattes, a sudden drop in temperature and Halloween memes popping up on Instagram.

There always seems to be a group of people who live for Halloween; the ones who decorate their houses in the most over-the-top fashion, who have been planning their costumes since last January and who live for the night every year. There are people that seek out the terrifying thrills of a haunted house and go in actually wanting to be scared.

These people believe that Halloween is the absolute best holiday, but are they right?

Well, according to an Instagram poll, 79% of people think it is.

“I’m a baby that doesn’t like getting scared and I’m not a fan of dressing up,” said Junior Joshua Johnston, who does not believe Halloween is the best. “Ever since sophomore year, Halloween has been more of an aesthetic than an event.”

It is true that people adore the look of Halloween. The popularity of horror movies and thrillers has shown our love for all things creepy and unsettling. However, not everyone enjoys being scared out of their skin, and for some reason, dressing up is just too energy consuming to bother. Plenty of people completely agree with Johnston, and they would rather spend it watching an uplifting movie with some popcorn.

“Halloween is the best holiday because you experience a sense of togetherness in a way that isn’t forced through presents or expectations,” junior Anna Zapel said. She loves Halloween for a more wholesome reason. “You can enjoy times with friends, [have] a sweet snack on some candy with no judgments and just get a good laugh from some cheesy character plots.”

Zapel sees Halloween as an excuse to be close to the people in her life. True, holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas emphasize togetherness, but the expectation makes it feel mandatory. Meanwhile, on Halloween, people just get together to have fun and go to a party or trick-or-treat; there’s no extra pressure from gift-giving or thinking of things you’re grateful for on the spot.

In addition, people love candy. When October 1st hits, party-size bags of candy hit the shelves. Of course, we hand some out to trick-or-treaters, but plenty of candy gets eaten by the person who bought it. I personally am a huge fan of the Halloween cereals they only sell during October. Even teenagers go out trick-or-treating, because who would pass up free candy?

Another plus of the holiday is costumes, which many people love. Couples do couples costumes, and some families do whole group costumes. Although this is true, some people choose to create their own. Particularly creative people hand-make their own costumes; it’s a chance for them to show off a creation they worked on. Others like to do puns and jokes, keeping it humorous. Folks talented in makeup delight in creepy special effects and plenty try to make the most terrifying costume they can. Then, of course, there are procrastinators who order a costume off Amazon two days before the party they’re supposed to dress up for, or just don’t have a costume at all.

There’s nothing like a scare at a haunted house or from a horror movie. People live for the adrenaline rush they get when the spooky decorations get popular again. Some horror movies are genuinely scary, while others are just cheesy and fun. Either way, it’s a fun part of the Halloween feeling.

Halloween is always a good time with frights, bobbing for apples and piles of candy that last till Easter, it’s no wonder so many people love it. And if you’re not a fan of the creepy holiday, Christmas is right around the corner.

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