Where Are They Now?

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Where Are They Now?

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Do you ever wonder if that cute senior boy ended up playing lacrosse in college?  Or if that cute soccer girl went D1 or not? Ok, so apparently that’s just me.

Here at Air Academy, we have a reputation for being a school full of athletes, with many going on to play college and even professional sports.

Over the last 4 years, Air Academy has had several state championships-

2 for boys soccer, one for boys basketball, and 3 for band.

However, in 2012 Air Academy won 5 state championships. Despite what one may think, that athleticism has continued on through several individual athletes who have gone on to perform at the next level.

“The best part of being a college athlete is the camaraderie with the bros. And eating fancy chicken parm the night before every game. As for the worse there is way too much running” Says Air Force Academy sophomore Jake Thornally.

For men, we have some pretty talented Kadets out there tearing up their field(or diamond, or boat)-

  1. Jake Thornally- United States Air Force Academy (lacrosse)
  2. Eddie MacGuire- United States Naval Academy (rowing)
  3. Brendan Knopp- Oakton Coast College (baseball)
  4. Jeremiah Ratliff- Colorado Mesa University (football)
  5. Sawyer Price- Oakton Community College (baseball)
  6. Nate Renfrew- Colorado School of Mines (football)
  7. Mark Fredericks- Dakota College at Bottineau (baseball)
  8. David Louthan- United States Air Force Academy (soccer)
  9. Austin Dewing- United States Air Force Academy (soccer)
  10. James Sims- United States Air Force Academy (soccer)

Now clearly I’m missing some of our many male athletes. However, I only follow a certain amount on Instagram and no one seems to keep a record of every Air Academy athlete playing collegiate sports. Feel free to comment below and I will happily make additions to this list!

For the girls…..

“The best part about being a student-athlete is the team atmosphere and having friends already coming into college, wearing athletic clothes every day, getting swole, and the unlimited supply of choccy milk”, says Kennedy Jamieson

As far as worst part,

“Having to pick between doing homework or taking a nap”

  1. Kennedy Jamieson- Arizona State University (lacrosse)
  2. Payton Romines- Rider University (softball)
  3. Natalie Sannes- Mercer University (lacrosse)
  4. Kamerin Valdez- University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (track and field)
  5. Katie Rainsberger- Oregon University (track and field)
  6. Allison Quist- Colorado State University (cheer)
  7. Rachel Martino- Colorado College (soccer)
  8. Paris Dewing- University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (soccer)
  9. Brooke Sulski- St. Olaf University (basketball)
  10. Isabel Marbaker- University of Minnesota (rowing)

Again, there are definitely more girls playing collegiate sports; yet again I have a limited social circle.

Alas, finding athletes who have made the pros is not any easier.

According to Wikipedia notable alumni are-

  1. Donald Cerrone- a professional mixed martial artist
  2. Linden King- professional football player
  3. Allie McLaughlin- mountain running long distance world champion
  4. Pat Rice- former MLB player
  5. Matt Slauson- professional football player

As the end of the year approaches there will be plenty of new athletes to add to this list! Be sure to ask Whitney Moran, Victoria Lambos, or Micah Bergard their plans for post high school athletics!

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