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Katlyn Blacksten
Hello! My name is Katlyn Blacksten, or "Kat" to those who know me. The girls Varsity Basketball team is to blame for that because when I first tried out, there was already a girl named Kaitlin on the team, so my name was changed to "Kat." I am a Junior Copy Editor and a senoir who does one thing over the summer, well three; I eat, sleep and play basketball. Literally, 75% of my time is spent either playing or practicing basketball. This is of my own doing, mostly because I have to go to a good college; my parents have made that clear. Thus, my time is best spent on the court, studying something for the next school year, or staying in shape. Food is a passion (eating it, not cooking it. I cannot cook).  So if I am not eating something, please make sure I am okay and give me something to eat. I love basically anything outdoors and active: hiking, running, swimming, camping, and climbing. I climb anything I can; I like to think of myself as an extremely enthusiastic amateur. I also love watching movies, and reading is a passion.

Katlyn Blacksten , Junior Copy Editor

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Katlyn Blacksten