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Rosalynne Jones
Suh dudes! I'm Rosalynne Jones (but I go by Rose) and I'm the Jetstream's Managing Editor. I've been on the Journal for two and a half years! I'm a senior and I love playing guitar, writing, drawing, and sleeping way too much. I'm obsessed with all things Lion King and Ancient Greece, and I often find myself scrolling through Reddit at 2 a.m. looking at obscure memes. I'm a shameless nerd, so I would be overjoyed if you would talk to me about Fallout: New Vegas or comics! I watch YouTube way more than I should, only taking breaks to pet my adorable doggo and bother my beautiful kitties. I'm a military brat and I've moved 8-ish times (I've lost count, honestly), but I aspire to travel even more once I go off to college. I love warm weather and history, so my dream is to live somewhere deliciously warm and be a teacher! Enjoy our publication's many beautiful stories!

Rosalynne Jones, Managing Editor

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Rosalynne Jones