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Sebastian Lloret
Hi! You must be really bored if you're reading this, but here we go. My name is Sebastian Lloret and I'm a Senior at Air Academy this year. I speak English, Spanish, and French, and I'm currently learning Italian. I love long walks on the beach and candlelit dinners under the stars. Ha. If I had free time, my hobbies would probably consist of binge-watching Netflix and playing video games. Are you still reading this? Maybe? Okay. I've lived in California, Argentina, and now the wonderfully ordinary state of Colorado. The outdoors and I don't get along (allergies,) and I'm about as well coordinated as a paraplegic sloth. My plan is to major in International Business at Boulder and travel through Europe eventually. Hopefully this has been an entertaining read, you anonymous reader you. I live for my fans.

Sebastian Lloret, Junior Copy Editor

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Sebastian Lloret