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Ryan Henley
Although my birth name is Ryan Henley, I am most commonly known as Bear Claw and Rhino. The origins of those aliases are known to few, and those who have been blessed enough to uncover the secret behind "Bear Claw" typically live their lives a little different after knowing the mystery. Those who are not particularly close with me know nothing about my life and the few that I keep close to me know even less about the real Bear Claw. I am 17, but have the wisdom of a much older man while still keeping the physique of a teenager in his prime. I love to write and spend time with friends, and I have an avid passion for bears. Bears are by far my favorite animal, mostly due to their versatility and gentle nature despite being one of the most physically dominating mammals on the planet. I hope that after indulging yourself in my bio you have a little bit more information on the journey that is my life.  I am also a feminist, and I audited my parents at age 14.

Ryan Henley, Senior Marketing Editor

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Ryan Henley