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Jake Thornally
Hello peers! I'm burdened by the name Jake Thornally so just call me OG Jakey-T. This will be my Señior year at Air Aswagemy and my first as a reporter for The Jetstream Journal. I'm an avid Pitbull fan. Mr. Worldwide checking in the 305, cause if its going down I'm yelling Timber, so just give me everything tonight. When I'm not participating as a law abiding citizen, I enjoy slamming balls with my bros on the tennis court. Look for my twitter updates following the 2015 Boy's Tennis State Championship road to Pueblo. Meek Mill vs. Drake, I'd take Drizzy 9 times out of 10... fact. Colorado is a decent place to live but it's the only life I know so I guess I'm #ColoRADical. Hope you enjoy my stories and go Swagdets.

Jake Thornally, Reporter

May 01, 2016
| se·nior·i·tis |\ˌsē-nyər-ˈī-təs\ | n. (Story)
Apr 15, 2016
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Jake Thornally