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Hoodie Allen used to be one of my favorite artists to listen to, since he kind of strayed away from my typical type of music. It helped me to discover something new. I would listen to his music while running on the treadmill, or driving in my car. I really liked almost all of his albums, although some of the songs could be taken as a little odd. I enjoyed All American quite a bit back in the day, but it is not like it was that long ago since it was only 2012. I even indulged in the Americoustic songs for a while, which took some songs from the previous album and turned them into acoustic songs (obviously). His songs definitely have some humor in them, and are very amusing. However, after a while, is that really all you want to listen to: a bunch of jokes within a song?

What I’m getting at is, Hoodie Allen’s most recent album, released on January 22nd, Happy Camper, didn’t really make me a happy camper per say. Sure, I liked some of the songs like “Surprise Party” and “Champagne and Pools,” but honestly it may only be because they include features by people who I like to listen to like Blackbear, and Kyle, but other than that I get a little annoyed by some things that Hoodie Allen says. I can’t completely dis all of his lyrics throughout the album, like “Intro to Anxiety” lyrics contain “Sometimes I let my ego get the best of me. Sometimes I wonder why my stress is stressing me. Sometimes I lay awake and I can’t go to sleep. This is my intro to anxiety.” These lyrics are actually something that listeners can relate to.

In general, I still do like Hoodie Allen because he is kind of unique compared to other rappers, as he states in one of his songs “I tell ’em, I’m the original, All-American Hoodie Allen. These other rappers, they do impressions, that’s Jimmy Fallon.”

Unfortunately, if you wanted to see Hoodie Allen at a show he went to the Ogden Theatre in Denver on February 17th, so better luck next time.

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