Air Academy Spring Break Adventures


Fish towers, a national red rock formation located near Moab, Utah. Labelled for reuse under google images.

Many students at Air Academy High School are catching the travel bug this spring break! Whether they’re hitting the slopes, improving their game at a sports camp, or soaking up the sun on the beach, these Kadets have plans to live large in March.

This year, an Air Academy High School senior, Eddie MacGuire, is attending a lacrosse camp with his team over break.  The camp, Trilogy, is located in Arizona.  Here the team will stay in five-star hotel accommodations, eat gourmet food, and train with some of the best coaches in the country.  Eddie states, “I’m excited to see how AAHS will do at this camp.  We’ve been doing well this year in the off-season and hopefully we can represent the school well because we will be playing against a lot of east coast teams.  I think Trilogy will help us improve and work together as a team and I can’t wait to see how it goes.”  Trilogy Lacrosse has worked with tens of thousands of student-athletes across the nation. Their students have continued on to some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the country. In 2015, they managed the experience for over 8,000 student-athletes.

Lauren Berg, an AAHS freshman, is taking a trip down to Belize with REI.  Belize is located in Central America and is a common vacation spot for REI tours.  Lauren will be kayaking, hiking, rappelling, and enjoying other outdoor activities. She explains, “I’m especially excited to experience new things and explore a new place, but I’m also happy that their official language is Spanish, so that I can communicate with the locals. I’ve been studying different things about Belize and I’m excited to see all that I’ve read about. I am most excited for the rappelling because it’s new and it’s not really something I have the opportunity of doing in Colorado that often.”

Luke Negely, a junior at Air Academy, is heading to Utah with his family to go climbing. He says, “I’ve climbed before but I am excited to try some new things and push myself outside of my comfort zone to see what I can do in Utah over break.” Luke usually climbs at CityROCK here in the Springs, but he is excited to try some new climbs in Utah. He will be in Moab: a mountain biking mecca.  Even though it’s not as famous for its climbing as it is for it’s biking, the state’s beautiful rock faces make it a hub for climbers. This is definitely obvious as he declares, “I’m pretty stoked to climb some pretty big walls and do some climbs I’ve never done before.”

Headed to the beaches of California is an eager sophomore, Whitney Moran. Her family has taken several trips down to San Francisco to visit her aunt in past years.  This spring break, she is excited to go to Disneyland and to the beach with her family. Whitney, a photographer, is most excited for the photo-taking opportunities that await her on the west coast.  She clarifies, “The way things are setup down there might seem crowded for such a big state, but the composition and culture of it really shine through the pictures I take every time I visit California.”  She is also very excited for all the relaxing in store.  Whitney says, “I feel like whenever I stay home during breaks I can never really fully relax, but when I travel it’s like I leave all of the stress of school and sports behind me.”

The students of Air Academy are very excited for the possibilities awaiting them this spring break; we are very excited to be represented as respected sports teams, curious explorers, brave climbers, and talented photographers all around the US during break.