9 Companies That Give Back


original photo by Whitney Moran

Companies around the world are giving back through their profits.  Here are 9 companies that put their proceeds back to charity.  

Ivory Ella

Ivory Ella is company that sells shirts, water bottles, hats, phone cases, and other accessories with an elephant printed on them.  They donate 10% of their net profits to Save the Elephants – a non-profit that helps protect elephants from endangerment.  Over 200,000 dollars has been donated to Save the Elephants.  This stylish shirt has become all the rage with teen girls and is all over Twitter and Instagram.


Toms is known for their canvas shoes, but also sells items such as sunglasses, apparel, bags, and accessories.  The mission statement for Toms is “One for One” and the way the company donates is just that.  When you purchase a pair of Toms shoes they give a pair to a child in need.  When you buy a bag, that money goes towards training doctors in 3rd world countries on how to give safe childbirth.  When you buy a pair of sunglasses, the proceeds go towards eye surgeries and eye care for those in need.  Toms gives this charity to countries like Haiti, Guatemala, and Malawi.

Warby Parker

Some of these fashionable companies are non-profits too!  Warby Parker makes eyeglasses for a good cause. At the end of every month, Warby Parker tallies up the amount of glasses sold and makes a monthly donation toward non-profits.  These nonprofits train men and women in developing countries to give basic eye exams and sell glasses to their communities at affordable prices.  These men and women then go out into the community and spread awareness for eye care.  By doing this Warby Parker not only makes it possible for the unfortunate to get eye care, but also creates job opportunities for those who need to support their families.  

2 Degrees

Located in the bay area, San Francisco based company, 2 Degrees, makes non-GMO, gluten-free, low-sodium, kosher snack bars.  2 Degrees is on a mission to end world hunger.  For every bar purchased, 2 Degrees gives a meal to a child in need.  They have donated over 2,000,000 meals to hungry children.  


Wisely using a natural resource, Panda creates sunglasses out of bamboo trees. For every pair of glasses bought, Panda sends a pair to child in need of eyeglasses.  Along with selling sunglasses Panda sells watches.  The money from purchasing a watch goes towards building schools for children across 6 continents.  

Good Spread

Many children suffer from malnutrition, which is where Good Spread is making their impact. Good Spread is a peanut butter company that makes their food with natural ingredients.  For every Good Spread product sold, they donate a RUTF (peanut butter and other goodness) package to a child suffering from malnutrition.  Three servings of RUTF a day for 4-6 weeks can stop malnutrition in a young child.  

People Water

Countries all over the would lack a clean source of water. People Water is a non-profit that sells water and puts the proceeds towards giving countries without it clean water.  They do this by going to the places in need and building wells for the communities.  They have given 8,476,511 gallons and counting.  


FEED is a nonprofit that creates bags that does a lot of different things to support Africa.  With a purchase of an original FEED  bag you fund a child to eat school meals for an entire year.  FEED also helps by giving jobs in their factories for people who may not have money to support themselves or their families.  

Not For Sale Tees

Slavery is a growing issue; Not For Sale Tees is working to stop it.  Partnered with Sevenly, this company sells shirts for 7 dollars.  These proceeds go back to stopping slave trade.  Not For Sale Tees also accepts donations to preventing of slavery.