Kadets Krush 2015 Summer


Tali Valentine plays with and serves the children of Peru

This summer was filled with fun, sun, and awesome activities for the Kadets.  From leaving the country to participating in competitions, the summer was very productive.

Tali Valentine, an Air Academy senior, left this summer to help with a Compassion International trip to Lima, Peru.  Tali went to two different compassion sights to help with their vacation bible school. Each site had 300 children who Tali helped serve, play and counsel.

In order to attend a compassion missions trip, volunteers have to raise two thousand dollars to pay for their travel, food, and housing.  Although the price is steep, Tali said that it was worth every penny to experience the culture and make new memories.  Not only did she get to see how the people of Lima interacted with each other, but she got to try new things; especially food.  According to Tali the kids in the camp sites love chicken and a special drink that she could only describe as “Spicy Purple Corn Juice”.  Not only was the new food intriguing to her, but so was the attitude of the children.  They have the best outlooks and make the most out of the little that they have. She thought it was interesting how the children seemed to love and trust someone so unconditionally that they had only met three days prior.

While Tali left to work in Peru, others left for some fun on the beach.  Marsha Shonka and Lucy Guiberson packed up their swim suits and headed out for a week long vacation to the Caribbean.  The breathtaking sights and clear waters were the highlight of the summer for these two friends.  Their adventures included horseback riding on the beach, swimming with dolphins, days spent on the boat, and snorkeling through coral reefs.  Along with all the activities spent on the sand, they got to explore the little towns of the Caribbean with Marsha’s mom.  “The stores sold so many cute things that you don’t think you would want until you see them,”  says Lucy while describing the little town of Philipsburg.

Another Kadet who left the country this summer was Lexi Trujillo.  This sophomore traveled Europe with her family and got to see some truly stunning cities.  Her first stop was Germany, where she got to see where Sound of Music was filmed, which happens to be one of her favorite movies.  Next, she headed to to Austria with her family to see old, extravagant castles. Austria was her favorite stop because they got to visit the salt mines and ride the carts through their tunnels.  After experiencing Austria, she started exploring Prague.  Her favorite part of her time in Prague was the astronomical clock.  It takes up the southern wall of the Old Town city hall in Old Town city square.  The fourth location that she visited was London.  In London she got to see the West Minister Abbey and Big Ben, which are two places she’s always dreamed about visiting.  Her last spot was Turkey where she got to meet up with her aunt and uncle and visit all of the mosques there.  “It was interesting to see all the things that I’ve heard about and have wanted to see for a while,” says Alexa about her excitement for the new memories made.

The last Kadet I interviewed that had an amazing summer was freshman Ethan Sonnier.  Ethan traveled to North Carolina with his gymnastics team for the nationals meet in Greensboro.  “The flight was so cool because I’ve never been on an airplane before and flying feels so weird,” said Ethan about the trip over.  He competed against teams from all around the country, and took overall second in the nation.

These Kadets truly had an amazing 2015 summer. From leaving the country to winning trophies, they did it all.  We are very excited see where this school year and summer takes us with our amazing student body!