The AAHS After Prom!

The After Prom for Air Academy High School will be at the Summit, and there are many activities for students to do!


Many people partying and dancing happily. Free image from Unsplash.

On Sunday, April 16, 2023, from 12:00 A.M. to 3:00 A.M, Air Academy High School’s After Prom is going on! As the name says, After Prom is going on after the Prom. However, students do not have to go to Prom to go to After Prom. The After Prom will be at the Summit (which has many activities for students) and instead of wearing formal clothes, students can wear casual attire. The tickets can be bought for $30 at the door, and juniors and seniors are welcome!

Many students who went to After Prom last year had a great time.

“I did enjoy after prom last year because there were snacks provided, lots of activities, and it wasn’t super expensive,” junior Florence Kent explained.

Similar to last year, After Prom will have many activities for students to choose from. For example, bowling, laser tag, arcade games, giant Jenga, and cards will all be offered at After Prom. There will also be a photo booth! Therefore, there will be something for every student to enjoy. If a student does not think that they will enjoy Prom, they might enjoy After Prom.

Also, similar to last year, food will be provided for students. There will be free pizza, salad, and a cookie buffet with unlimited sodas.

Junior Katie Sartin did not go to Prom or After Prom last year, but she plans on going to Prom and After Prom this year.

“I am going to after prom because it is something to do and might be exciting!” Sartin stated.

Some students are not going to the After Prom but are having an After Prom of their own.

“I am not going to After Prom because the group I’m going with already came up with plans for After Prom (game night),” junior Carly Cox stated.

After Prom is a great way for students to have fun either after a dance or if they chose not to attend prom prior to the event.

“[After Prom] gives students a chance to branch out and make new friends if they want to,” Cox explained.

Cox did go to Prom last year, but she did not go to the After Prom similar to this year. Even though Cox is not going to After Prom this year, she does plan on going next year so she can see what After Prom is like.

After Prom is not only a fun place for students to hang out and do activities, but it also helps with student safety.

“[After Prom] gives students an opportunity to party in a safe space instead of choosing a harmful alternative,” Kent stated.

The After Prom was likely created to keep students safe. The After Prom still lets students still stay out late and have fun but students are now less likely to make bad decisions.

After Prom is a great way to end the night if a student goes to Prom or not. If a junior or a senior has time, they should stop by to hang out with friends and/or do activities because the After Prom has something for everyone.