AAHS team of the year award!

Why does the Air Academy High School history department deserve this award?


Woman actively teaches class of interested students. Image reused from Unsplash.

With the second semester ending soon, Air Academy High School has started giving out awards to the staff. The english, science, history, math, and all other teams at AAHS have been working hard to help students and finish out the school year strong. This year, AAHS awarded “team of the year” to the history team! History teachers can be underrated and deserve more credit and appreciation, this award is well deserved and the history team is incredibly grateful.

How does AAHS choose team of the year? Students are able to vote for who wins what award at the start of the semester. This includes the AAHS team of the year award, which means that students chose the history team to win the award this year! As stated before, this award is well deserved.

“…our school has some pretty great history teachers and students willing to learn,” junior Katie Sartin explained.

Part of what makes history teachers at AAHS so great is that along with teaching, the history teacher’s classes are interesting.

“Mr. Gorr makes classes super fun and engaging, I love his stories and funny jokes,” junior Carly Cox noted.

Many history teachers will do engaging activities or assignments to make the class more fun. They do this because they are passionate about teaching students. For example, Ronald Gorr is a history teacher at AAHS who teaches his students, but also includes activities that are fun for the students. Students in Gorr’s class can come to watch movies for extra credit. The movies are relevant to the topic that the students are learning about in the class and are fun for students to participate in.

History teachers also support their students. The best teachers are the ones who are willing to support their students because the students will know that the teacher cares about them.

Some of the history teachers at AAHS also coach for different teams. For example, Catherine Webber and Chuck Schwartz are both coaches for the AAHS cross country team. Both Webber and Schwartz led the teams well and the girl’s cross country team even won the 2022 Colorado State Championship for cross country!

Christopher Gunn and Barry Clark serve as additional examples of history teachers that also coach at AAHS. Gunn and Clark both coach basketball and they help their players be successful. 

The history teachers who coach for AAHS are great at teaching students, but how do they help their players to succeed?

Similar to their students, they make it engaging and they also care. Of course, history teachers teach history to their students, but sometimes they teach their students other things.

“Well we learn real world problems and how history connects with that,” Sartin explained.

This is one of the examples, but other examples could be how to stay on top of work or other things that do not directly relate to history such as decision making.

“Yes my teacher has taught me about modern day politics and parties … and decision making,” Cox noted.

The history team deserved this award because of all their hard work they do for their students. Even though they can be underrated sometimes, they deserve all the credit they can get.