Air Academy High Schools 2023 Prom!

Air Academy High School’s Golden Glamour Prom!


Air Academy High School’s Rustic Romanced themed prom photo taken at Fox Run Park in Black Forest, Colorado.

Prom is a beloved event for high schools and specifically upperclassmen. This year the Air Academy High School prom theme is Golden Glamour! It will be held at the Colorado Springs Marriott from 8:00pm-11:00pm. Tickets are now available for purchase for $60. Tickets can be purchased on Infinite Campus, and will be available to pick up at KMAC, located in the library. 

For the senior classes, it serves as a symbol of four years of learning, school spirit, and friendship. It is the conclusion of a senior’s high school life and a further continuation of adulthood.

There are so many fun prom events like promposals, renting a limousine, taking pictures with your friends, trying on dresses and suits, and going out to a nice restaurant for dinner. Having a nice fulfilling meal before a dance is crucial, so students are energized and ready to dance the night away. 

“Last year for our junior prom, my friends and I took pictures at FoxRun Park in Black Forest. After that, we went to dinner at Sushi Ato and also had time to get boba nearby. We actually showed up to prom an hour early because we got the times wrong, so we sat in the car and talked while we waited,” senior Ashlynn Olson said.

All of the information will also be provided on the physical ticket! Do not forget to plan with friends so that you’re not stuck in a wrongly timed situation like Olson. 

“This year, I’m going with my friends again. I’m not sure where we’ll be taking pictures or where we’re eating dinner. But this year we’re gonna make sure to get to prom at the right time. I’m really excited but sad this is our last prom,” Olson followed up. 

Prom can be a fun, exciting event for students, with or without a date. Going with just friends is a great idea.

“I plan on taking my friend as my date. I think going with a date can be overrated. And I’m sure I’ll have a better time going with my friends, instead of a date,” an AAHS student who choose to remain anonymous stated.

You can also bring friends or dates from other schools! Be sure to pick up a guest form from the main office and turn it in while you purchase or pick up your tickets. The guest pass will require the other student’s and parents contact information and they will need signature approval from their school’s dean. Guests must not be older than 21 years old to attend prom. 

The student council has been hard at work putting together prom and many teachers are volunteering to chaperone! One of which include Ms. Hannah Vujcevic, the newest forensic science teacher, but what encouraged her to take part?

“I have a lot of juniors and seniors [in class] and after prom is over, I only have my seniors for a couple of weeks, so I wanted to see them and everyone all dressed up. I’m just so excited to see my students outside of the school environment,” Vujcevic concluded. 

Be sure to order your prom tickets on Infinite Campus before April 12th! If you do not order them online, you can also purchase them at the prom doors for $80. You can also purchase them in person, using cash April 3rd to April 10th, at the front office.

For more information, click here to visit the AAHS website!