How does the girl’s soccer team at AAHS succeed?

The striker in soccer is often seen as the star of the team, but shouldn’t the defense get more credit?


Soccer player focused on making a goal. Free image reused from Unsplash.

The girl’s soccer season is starting up again, which means more exciting games for the students of Air Academy High School to enjoy! With the conclusion of the World Cup, many students from AAHS are wondering how the girl’s soccer team will do. 

The soccer games at AAHS are fun and energizing, especially when the AAHS team scores a goal. Many people often think that the striker or the player who scores the goals are the star of the team, and while they are an important part of the team, more people should start appreciating the other players or positions on the team.

Junior Carly Cox plays center back/defender for the AAHS soccer team. She believes that every player on the soccer team is equally important to the success of the team.

“[The most important part of a team] is the cohesive understanding that everyone plays a role, each role being just as important as the other,” Cox explained when asked what the most important part of the AAHS soccer team is.

Many people see the striker as the most important role on the team. After all, the strikers are the ones who score the goals and make the points. Making points is essential to the success of the team, therefore, the strikers are important, but the other players or positions are equally as important.

“We all work together to win the game,” Cox noted. 

For the striker to make a goal, they need to have the ball and an opening. The other players on the team work hard to give them the ball and also give them an opening. Then, the striker can make a goal. This is why soccer is a team sport. Offense is essential, but defense is equally as essential for winning games and having a successful team.

Junior Aliya Vidro plays goalkeeper for the AAHS soccer team. A goalkeeper stays in front of the goal to prevent the other team from scoring.

“As a goalkeeper I watch each player make a difference in a game,” Vidro explained. 

As said before, each player is equally important and according to Vidro, can make a difference in a game.

“Lots of people would say a goalie is the easiest position because you don’t run, but it is an important position in a different way and makes an impact on the team,” Vidro noted.

Even though goalies are not running on the field, their job is still difficult. They prevent the other team from scoring and this can mean winning or losing the game. If only strikers were on a team, the soccer game would not be as fun or exciting. Only when there is an offense and a defense can a game be fun and exciting.

Both Cox and Vidro contribute to the success of the team just as much as the striker. 

“Defense wins championships, offense sells tickets,” Cox explained.

This quote explains how offense is still thought of as the star of the show, but defense is just as important. Since the soccer season at AAHS is starting back up, hopefully credit is given to both the offense and the defense.