Coaching vs Teaching

How does teaching compare to coaching?


A basketball going into a hoop, indicating a point. Free image from Unsplash.

Barry Clark, also known as Coach Clark, is a coach for the Air Academy High School Men’s Basketball Team. With the help of  Clark, the basketball team has been incredibly successful. While Clark teaches the players on the team, he also teaches students in the classroom by being a history teacher. 


To enable the students in his class to achieve their goals or be successful, Clark tries makes learning interesting. By making his students more interested, they are more likely to complete their work and succeed. According to junior Avery Brandt, who had one of his classes, Clark deeply cares for his students.


“Mr. Clark is a very entertaining teacher who really cares about his students,” Brandt explained. 


When a teacher cares about their students, it helps the students to succeed. He is also an entertaining teacher, which helps the students to succeed even more.


“I had a lot of fun, ” senior Kyleigh Vigil noted.


Boring classes do not allow students to learn, so it is essential that classes are at least somewhat interesting. Clark offers a variety of fun classes, which helps his students to succeed.


Vigil goes on to explain that she already loved history, but Clark’s class allowed her to love history even more.


“I was never bored, [and] I was always learning something new,” Vigil explained.


However, the most important part of a class is how much students learn. When students learn from a class, they are able to succeed. Clark is allowing his students to learn, as well as his players. To help the basketball team learn and succeed, Clark has to promote a fun atmosphere, similar to that of when he is teaching in the classroom.


Clark also has to be a leader, or someone that the basketball players can look up to. As nice as it is to have a super fun coach, the basketball players also need someone to help lead them.


“When he’s coaching you kind of feel like you are playing for your best friend,” senior Finn Horsfall explained.


Clark connects with the basketball players, which is why he makes a great leader. He also connects with the students in his classes, which allows them to learn and succeed. Overall, coaching and teaching are similar when it comes to the goal. Both coaching and teaching helps students or players to succeed.


Both students and basketball players are able to work hard and succeed thanks to Clark. The men’s basketball team at AAHS has been working especially hard to succeed. Their season started not too long ago and they are already winning games. Students can go to support the AAHS team by cheering for the Kadets! The basketball games at AAHS are not boring, but instead are incredibly engaging. Go support the AAHS basketball team before it is too late!