Girls Basketball Teams Media Day

The Air Academy High School’s girl’s basketball team had their media day outlining the expectations for the season!


Drew Lyle

Girls Junior Varsity team interacting with each other during the Media Day.

Senior Cai Gunn and freshman Audrina Nelson posing for a photo.

The Air Academy High School girl’s basketball team holds a media day each year. Coach Christopher Gunn added a new spin to it this year. Traditionally during the media day, the girls get pictures taken and have some food to celebrate their accomplishment of becoming a team. Gunn added a panel interview with students and parents to prepare the girls for future interviews after their wins. 

Junior Caitlin Kramer, a standout player, finished last season scoring 16th in the state of Colorado and has been found to be one of the most versatile players in the state. 

“My goal is to get to 1000 points this season. I think we are all like soul searching on our personal strengths and once we bring them all together we’ll be really strong,” Kramer remarked. 

Being just 261 points from her goal, Kramer’s main priority continues to be her team. 

“We’re really close like a family. I would say all of us have really good chemistry together. We do have individuals who are more talented than another. But we like playing as a team, not individuals,” Kramer reflected on the varsity team. 

The varsity team shares the same sentiment.

“As I team goal I just want us to get closer so we can bond more,” senior Cai Gunn remarked on the team.

Cai Gunn reflected on the bonding of the team, which is important in all aspects of the game.

Girls Junior Varsity team chatting during the Media Day.

“I think just like really clicking as a team and just seeing that flow in games,” senior Ember Loerzel reflected the same motion. 

The need for a stronger team grows from bonding both on and off the courts. C-Squad, Varsity, and Junior Varsity all reflect the same notion and strive to grow as individuals.

“I think off the court chemistry is just as important as on the court chemistry. I think bonding together off the court is going to reflect on the court,” Kramer stated. 

C-Squad shares the sentiment that they want to grow as a team as well as their bond, yet their focus stays on their individual development.  

 “I think for us to have fun and to go and be efficient with each other,” sophomore Taryn McBrayer stated.

The efficiency of the team directly correlates to the success of the team.

Girls C-Squad team talking during the Media Day.

“As a team learning each other dynamics so we understand each other on the court,” McBrayer went on to say. 

The girl’s basketball teams all hope to grow as teams and build an everlasting bond that equals a family. For them, the most important part is each player, on and off the basketball court.