Bring On The Festive Spirit!

Fun Christmas Activities For All!


A young mom smiles as she helps her children ice skate around other families. Labeled free for reuse by Unsplash.

Looking for holiday events in town to attend with family and friends? Well, Colorado Springs is the perfect hotspot for a variety of activities! Throughout the entire month of December, there will be opportunities from light shows to arts and crafts. 

What exactly is the importance of spending time with loved ones? It’s commonly known that humans are social beings. Interacting with people boosts happiness overall and allows for the creation of everlasting memories.

“Especially during the holidays, making time for loved ones is important because it helps one be thankful and cognizant of those who are supportive and close to us,” senior Jason Puleri said.

There are many opportunities around town for exciting activities. Each opportunity provides entertainment and participation among groups when it comes to getting a tree or present shopping. As Puleri mentioned, Christmas prompts appreciativeness and kindness. English teacher Emily Greer shared her experience.

“There is an ice skating rink downtown that I love going to with my family and friends! I am super bad at it, but it’s fun anyways because there is Christmas music, and hot chocolate, and I can spend time with those I love,” Greer stated. 

Every year downtown, Colorado Springs hosts events such as the ice skating rink at Acacia Park, which is open for everyone until January 31. So there’s plenty of time to plan a day of festive activities in the surrounding area and even attend with those visiting. 

“During winter, I enjoy ice skating with family or friends along with Christmas shopping and seeing the Christmas lights at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo,” Puleri said.

In the past month, the annual Festival of Lights parade occurred, which featured Air Academy High School’s own band. Sadly, it’s a single-night event, but there are other places around the city that have light shows. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s “Electric Safari” is the perfect occasion for those searching for an extended event. Yet, what does this include? Visitors get to explore the grounds at night while enjoying the animals, food, and especially the lights. 

There are many choices and tons of time left when it comes to outdoor Christmas events. From the mountains down to the heart of the city, no matter the decision made, there is an activity for everyone to enjoy!