Battle for State!

The Air Academy High School tennis team fights for a chance at making it to the state championship this year!


Rob Hellem

Noah Hellem returns the tennis ball in a hard fought battle during the Colorado State Championships.

The Air Academy High School tennis team has had a long and exciting season against some strong opponents. With the challenges with weather, match cancellations, and frustrating games, regionals are finally here and the tennis team could not be more excited.

With a vigorous season against tough opponents, the tennis team feels confident in its ability to win in regionals and make it to state. Varsity singles player, junior Asher Kiser, feels that the team played more than exceptional this season and is ready and feels confident for regionals. 

“We played really well this season, the team feels confident and prepared for Regionals,” Kiser said. 

With a 5-4 win ratio, the AAHS tennis team goes into regionals with a positive lead. Before regionals, they won by a blitzing seven-zero score against Lewis Palmer High School. The dominance that the tennis team has been showing throughout the season has been thorough and consistent. This dominance stems from the passion of the tennis team and the drive to get better and be able to make mistakes from time to time to improve their craft.

What also makes the tennis team more successful is the camaraderie and support that they show to each other. The tennis team supports each other through frustrations and difficulties when facing challenging adversities. The support that they have for one another helps keep them motivated through these hard times and benefits their performance. 

“Our camaraderie and support we have for one another definitely helped us compete against tough teams to our best ability,” Kiser said. 

During the season, the tennis team has faced numerous challenges that include weather, difficult matches, and even team member tardiness. During these challenging times, the tennis team always held each other to a higher standard, which led them to overcome these challenges.

Even with the difficulties they faced throughout the season, the team still found a way to have a successful and thrilling season. Sophomore varsity doubles player, Oliver Haddad, speaks on the team’s difficulties and how they overcame them. 

“I think the tennis team struggled with getting on practice on time, many players would come at different times and be unprepared. I think the team overcame this challenge by holding each other accountable,” Haddad said. 

 As the battle for state closes in, the team is confident that they will come out on top and give AAHS a championship. The team is exhilarated about competing toward state and are sure that they can carve up a win for AAHS and get that championship title. Kiser confirms that the doubles four and two teams are fighting for the state title. 

“Air Academy had a very strong season and our doubles four and doubles two players made it to state,” Kiser said.

They will be facing Regis Highschool in the upcoming future and the team could not be any more excited. So come support the amazing team on October 15 where they plan to fight a hard battle in an attempt at making it to state!