DECA and the Future of Business

If you want to travel around the world while learning essential things for future job opportunities, DECA, which stands for Distributive Education Clubs of America, is focused on helping students develop leadership skills through competitions and conferences. The competitions are in many different states and the most recent competition was in Atlanta in 2021. There are DECA Nationals every year and almost every year has a different theme and this year is Maximize your Momentum.


“The overall mood of the trip is fun and friendly,” junior and member of DECA, Nate Lumaye, said

Nate Lumaye and Garret Hayden shaking hands in front of the DECA competition venue.


Just because students go all around the country does not mean that DECA is easy since a lot of hard work and dedication is put in. There also can be troubles with traveling while still having classes, however, this has been easier for kids with online learning being easily accessible. 


The marketing class is not like any other class since students in DECA work at Kadet Coffee, which is a place where AAHS students can go get delicious coffee.


That might not sound challenging, but having to remember every drink, what ingredients, and in what order to put all ingredients together can be difficult. Every time I’ve been to Kadet coffee the experience has never been bad and always feels professional. It truly feels like I go to a real business to get coffee and the coffee is always made to perfection.


In DECA competitions, there are events such as marketing, finance, sales, and many more. All of the events are very important to running a successful business. All of the competitions in DECA are meaningful to a healthy business. Marketing is huge in creating a business, especially when starting a company. 


There is no way to get publicity for a business if there is no advertising. Without finance, making money for a company is very hard to do. However, all the things taught in DECA are essential. 


 There are a lot of events in DECA that have a more professional environment, but there are still many things to enjoy. 


 “The trips are truly a great time to be able to extensively explore all of the different opportunities DECA supplies to its members. . .,” Lumaye mentioned


DECA is an incredible way to help students learn about business and leadership while still giving fun trips and shaping memories. I think our school also does a great job of promoting it and trying to help as many students as possible through this program. It teaches students how to give good service and it shows every time Kadet coffee is open. AAHS junior, Sawyer Butler, had thoughts on this.


 “My experience has always been extravagant when coming to Kadet Coffee. . . The drinks are made well, although I have only tried two of them,” Butler said


It is a great environment with the people who work at Kadet Coffee since students are always fun and happy while still staying professional. It would be a treat to go to a competition, competing would be fun, and watching would be very interesting.